Explain the Ayah and prove the existence of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam.

Question No.4:           God said in the Holy Quran:

 Explain the Ayah and prove the existence of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam. The Mirzais take  to mean “death”. In his “tafseer” Hazrat Ibn-e-Abbas also explains   as  . The Mirzais also present   to support their view. Explain all these points in detail?


“Arabic” proves the lifting of Christ’s body towards heavens. In real it proves the existence and the death of Isa Alaih-i-Salam.

The real meaning of “Tawwaffi” ()

A-          The real meaning of is not death, because if death had been its real meaning, it would have been used somewhere in the Quran and Hadith against ‘life’ or ‘existence’. But it occurs nowhere. On the other hand has been used against  . It proves that ‘death’ is not the real meaning of . In the Holy Quran life and death appear against each other in many places as

This comparison reveals that if we define things putting their opposites, then ‘death’, not  will be used against ‘life’ or ‘existence’. In the Holy Quran  has been used against  . To understand  Allama Zamekhshri’s reference is very important. He says:

“The meaning of  are to ‘take fully or completely”  is used metaphorically for death, as  meaning ‘he will die’ “

               It means that the real meaning of  is not death, but it is used for death metaphorically.


C-          The real meaning of  is not death, as Quran says  Here  and death are used against each other. Here it means that ‘they are taken completely at the time of death. If  had meant death, its meaning should have been. How indecent the meaning is and there can be no indecent thing in the Quran.

D-        The real meaning for “is not death. The Holy Quran says:

      (Al-Zamer: 42)

“God takes the souls at the time of their death, and that which has not died, in its sleep. He withholds that against which He has decreed death, but looses the other till a started term.”

1-                             Here “has been related with . So does not stand for real death.

2-                             After it “has been diverted towards death and sleep. In this way  is contrary to death.

3-                             Moreover, “includes the both death and sleep. Man is alive during sleep while  has been related to sleep. It shows clearly that the real meaning for is not death.

In short,      the meaning for  is to take one completely. However, sometimes the word has been used for death metaphorically.

      If sometimes, a word is used metaphorically, it does not mean that its real meaning will be abandoned. The principle is that the metaphorical meaning should be taken only when the real meaning is lacking. In  the real meaning, “to take completely” occurs while in  there are metaphorical meaning (death).


Hazrat Ibne Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho)

and the existence of Isa Alaih-i-Salam

A-          Like the whole Ummah, Hazrat Ibne Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) also believes in the existence of Christ. He has narrated many traditions from the Holy Prophet SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam which are related with the lifting and descend of Christ. In ‘Altesreh Bima Tawater Fi Nazool Almeseh’ Hazrat Anwar Shah Kashmiri (Rahmatullah Alaih) has collected ten traditions with reference to Hazrat Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) concerning the lifting and descend of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam.

B-          The man who narrates Hazrat Ibne Abbas’s tradition is Akli bin Aby Talha (Tafseer Ibne Jareer, v.3, p.290).

               The scholars in ‘Asma Alrijal’ have wrote about him that he is not an authentic narrator. Moreover, he never saw Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho). Muhashid (Rahmatullah Alaih) is a connection between them.

(Mazanal Atadal, v.5, p.163 Tehzeeb Altehzeeb, v.4, p.213)

               The question arises that how this tradition occurs in Sahey Bukhari. Its reason is that Imam Bukhari (Rahmatullah Alaih) was particular about only ‘Ahadith Masnadah’ and not about ‘Taleqat’, as in ‘Fateh Mughees’, p.20 is written that:

“Imam Bukhari has said that in his book he gave place only those (traditions) whose authenticity is proved. In fact, it includes only ‘Ahadith Saheyah Masnadah’. The other ‘Taleqat’ and ‘A’asar Moqufa’ are not included in it. In the same way the Ahadith that appear in ‘Tarjamatal Bab’ are not included in it.

C-          Though in the other ‘Sahey’ tradition Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) takes the meaning of  as death,” but in the same tradition the very words of the Ayah negate the Qadiani point of view.

(Dar Manshoor, v.2, p.36)

“Ibne Asakar and Ishaq bin Basher have related with reference to Ibn Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) that the Ayah has the meaning that ‘I am that who will lift you towards Myself and then in the last period (after descend) I will give you death”.

               In Tafseer Ibn Kaseer there is a ‘Sahay’ tradition narrated by Abdullah Ibn Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) that Christ was lifted towards heavens without being murdered

(Tafseer Ibn Kaseer, v.1, p.574). “Isa Alaih-i-Salam was lifted towards heavens through a ventilator. The authenticity is correct up to Ibn Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho)”