Hazrat Habib Bin Umme Amarah

            It is the narrative of Hazrat Habib son of Hazrat Abu Amarah. Muselema Kazzab, false claimant of Nubuwwat, arrested him, kept him in prison, and martyred him mercilessly after a lot of torture. The cruel Muselema used to ask him.

Muselema:  Is Muhammad a Prophet of Allah?
Habib:         No doubt.
Muselema:  Do you confess I am also Prophet of Allah?
Habib:          No, not at all.

On this reply, Muselema used to cut part of his limb. Then he again used to ask the same question and the reply was the same. Each time the wretched Muselema used to cut another part of his body. Thus, Muselema cut his whole body into pieces one by one.
Homage to Habib, he martyred passing through such painful suffering but did not bear to utter a single word against the faith and belief of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat.