Negate this stand of the Qadianies and prove the physical lifting of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam?

Question No.5:           God says:  in Sura Al-Imran and  in Sura Nisa. In both the places the Qadianies take  for ‘the spiritual lifting’ or ‘the ‘elevation of grades’. Negate this stand of the Qadianies and prove the physical lifting of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam?

Answer:           This is another masterpiece of Qadiani false hood that they take and  for the lifting of spirit. But when the objection is made to them that according to their own faith Christ, after descending from the cross and after his wounds were healed, went to Kashmir where he died after 87 years. So, he was lifted after death. This account is contrary to Quran, because out of the four, three promise were related with the being or self of Hazrat Isa Alaih-i-Salam and these promises were fulfilled at the same time. So, the Qadianies have to jump to the concept of ‘elevation of grades’. They do not stick to any one point. They change their views. Now they take about the lifting of spirit and now ‘the elevation of grades’. And both the stands are incorrect.


2-       The second thing is that the Jews did not claim the murder of spirit.      They claimed the murder of body and “negates it. So  stands for the lifting of body.

Lifting of spirit and the murder of body can go together, as is the case with martyrs that though their bodies are killed but their spirits are lifted. So, it was necessary that “Arabic” should mean ‘the lifting of body’, that is contrary to the concept of murder and hanging. Lifting of spirit and elevation of honour are not contrary to murder and hanging. On the other hand, the cruel the murder will be the more will be the exaltation of honour and more will be the elevation of grades. Death and murder are not compulsory for the elevation of grades and honour. A man can be elevated during life as Quran says, and

3-           The Jews claimed the murder and hanging of Christ’s body. To negate this claim God said,  i.e. you are wrong in it that you murdered his body or hanged him, but God lifted his body, safe and sound, towards heavens. Moreover, if here ‘lifting’ means the lifting of spirit (meaning death), then what is the use of negating murder or hanging? But God says that He lifted him towards heavens before death or being hanged.

4-           Wherever the object for  is any physical thing, it will stand for ‘the lifting of body’ If the object for  is grade or status, it will stand for the elevation or exaltation of grade or status. As God says:  “We lifted him to the Tur Mountain”,  “God raised the skies without  Pillers, as you are seeing”,  “Arabic” “and remember the time when Ibrahim was raising the foundation of ‘God’s House’ and Ismail was with him.”  “And (Yousaf Alaih-i-Salam made his parents sit on throne.” In all these examples  has been used with physical things and it stands for the lifting of body. On the other hand in the following Arabic is used for the elevation of grade or status.


Qadianies ambiguity

     A Hadith says:

                 (Kinzul Aiamal, v.3, p.110, Hadith No.5720)

“When a man is hospitable, God raises him to the seventh sky.”The Mirzais present this tradition as an objection that in this tradition the object for  is a physical thing and there is also the explanation of the word  .

               ANS.   It is very evident that the tradition is about a person who is alive and hospitable. About the person is told that in God’s eyes his status is as above as the seventh sky. Here  does not stand for the lifting of body but for the explaination of status or grade. Here it is  used metaphorically for exaltation or elevation of status. If a fool is unable to understand it, there is another clearcut tradition for him. The tradition occurs in “Kinzul Aamal’ which says:

“The elevation grade or status will be according to the hospitality. And when he reaches the peak of hospitality. God will give him place in ‘eleyeen’ (the maximum point in elevation)”

               In short  means “lifting”. Sometimes the lifting is physical thing and sometimes it is of meanings, sayings actions and status or grades. The lifting and elevation may be physical and metrophorical.

5-           The clear meaning of the Ayah is that when the Jews planned the murder and hanging of the Christ, but they could not succeed in their plan. At that time God lifted him towards heavens. So Christ was not lifted before but was lifted when the Jews were planning his murder. And the lifting was that he was lifted safe and sound, with his body. He already was elevated and exaled before this lifting. So the lifting can be only physical, which occurred at the time of the evil plan of the Jews.

6-           The failure and disgrace of the Jews could have been intensified in the lifting of Christ’s body. Moreover, elevantion and exaltation of honour is not associated only with Christ, it can be bestowed to other alive men of faith. As God says: “Arabic” “God raises men of faith and men of knowledge in their grades”.

7-           If in the Ayah lifting of spirit means “death’, then we will have to accept that the lifting of spirit occurred before the ‘murder’ or ‘hanging’ as:

In these Ayah the Holy Prophet’s SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam bringing truth happened before He SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam was called a poet and mad man (May God forgive). In the same way Christ’s spiritual lifting, in the meaning of death, happened before his ‘murder’ and ‘hanging’. But Mirza Qadiani is of the opinion that after getting rid of the Jews, Christ, reached Palestine and then Kashmir. He says that Christ lived there for a long time and during the same time he got his wounds treated and then he died after 87 years. He was buried in Muhalla Khan Yar of Sri Nagar. His shrine is also there.

8-           If the spiritual lifting is taken in the meaning of death, then the words  (The Omnipotent, the Supreme) does not seem relevant. These attributes of God are used where there is an unusual happening. And the unusual happening here is the lifting of body. One should not think that the lifting of body is impossible. God is omnipotent and nothing is difficult for him. Nor it should be thought that the lifting of the body towards heavens is without any purpose. He is Supreme and there is some purpose behind His every action. When the enemies gathered, He showed a miracle. He lifted His Prophet towards heavens and changed the face and figure of one of the enemies in such a way that he seemed to be Christ. The enemies took their friend as Christ and so killed him. And after the murder God made them doubtful about what they had done.

               Neither any dictionary, nor any idiom, nor any term proves  stands for “death”. It is Mirza Qadiani’s contrivance. However, this word is not contrary to honour and the lifting of body. However, ________ and the lifting of body can go together. Moreover, if  (lifting) stands for “the death with honour” then descend should stand for “the birth with disgrace, because in Hadith both the words are used against each other.

9-           The Qadianies object that the Ayah does not a plain the lifting towards heavens. The reply of this objection is that the Ayah says, “God lifted Isa towards Himself” It means that God lifted him towards heavens, as the following Ayah,  means that the angels and ‘Rohul Ameen’ ascend towards skies, meaning towards God.  The Ayah means that pure and good words ascend (reach) towards God and God raises the good deed (towards heavens or skies). In the same way  will have the meaning that Christ was lifted towards skies or heavens. Anyman, having common sense can understand easily that the Ayah does not mean that God gave him an honourable death. This meaning are contrary to the rules of dictionary as well as the context of the Ayah. While explaining this Ayah Hazrat Ibn Abbas (Razi Allah-o-Anho) writes a ‘Sahey’ tradition that  when God intended to raise Isa IAI) towards sky……”

               Many Ahadith explain Christ’s lifting towards sky.

10-                           Mirza Qadiani writes”

“So it is proved fact that here “arabic” stands for death, but such a death as is with honour as is the case with ( God’s) favourite people that after death their souls reach ‘Ileyeen”. (Azala-e-Awham, p.599 Roohani Khazain, v.3, p.424)

               Mirza Qadiani says that  stands for death with honour, as is the case with God’s favourite people that their souls reach ‘Ileyeen’ after death. Even this point of view shows that  means going or lifting towards heavens, because ‘Ileyeen’ is in heavens or skies. Mirza Qadiani accepts, at least, going or lifting towards skies or heavens. The difference is that either it was Christ’s spirit or the body along with spirit that reached skies or heavens. It has been explained earlier that the lifting is of body and soul together.