Qadiyanis Even Insolent Against Mirza Qadiyani

The Qadiyanis consider Mirza Qadiyani as their religious leader and deem it necessary to have faith in him. Here we are copying some of the extracts from the biography of Mirza Qadiyani, written by his own son. (SeeratulMehdi

 He used to tie keys with ‘Azarband’ (the cord to fest trousers) that usually hung because of the weight of keys. And my mother states that Hazrat Messiah (Mirza Qadiyani) usually used silky ‘Azarband’ because he used to go for urination again and again.

(SeeratulMehdi P: 55 V: 1)

In his early days he used to wear ‘Gharara’ (a woman dress).

(SeeratulMehdi P: 66 V: 1)

Once a man gave him a pair of shoes which he wore, but he could not distinguish the right from the left shoe. This caused pain to his feet…… My mother says that to avoid the confusion she had marked both the shoes, but even then the problem continued with him. So he did not put on the shoes again.

(SeeratulMehdi P:67 V:1)

Often the lower part of his socks used to be on the upper side of the feet and most of the times the buttons of his shirt would not be in the proper button holes.

(SeeratulMehdi P: 58 V: 2)

After meals a number of pieces of bread were found around his place of eating. And people used to take the left over food. He used to put the bread in mouth without curry and later dip his finger in curry and put it in the mouth to make the taste saltish.

(Seerat-ul-Mehdi P:66 V:1)

He did not care for his clothes.  While going to bed he used to put his coat, waist coat and cap under the pillow unlike the careful ones who hang their clothes. By morning his clothes would go so badly creaseless that if a fashionable man would have seen him he would certainly feel uneasy.

(SeeratulMehdi P:128 V:2)

He liked sweets a lot and he had diabetes as well. During those days sometimes, he used to put pieces of clay (traditional ’tissue paper’ to dry out drops of urine) in his pocket while gud’ (raw sugar) was also in the same pocket.

(Mirza Sahib kay Halaat by Meraj Din Umar P:67 V:1)

During rainy days there used to be so much water in Qadiyan that the whole village would become more of an island in a lake of dirty water. In childhood, I used to swim so much that I had a round of the whole Qadiyan at one time.

(SeeratulMehdi P:276 V:1)