Qadiyanis The Insolent Against Quran And Sunnah

            The Holy Quran is the last message from God. Till the Dooms Day, God Himself has taken the responsibility of its protection word by word. Parallel to this Holy Book Mirza Qadiyani put a hoax of feigned revelation. This manifestation, dreams and revelations were compiled in the form of a book called ‘Tazkara’. These revelations were brought by angels named teechi-teechi, Mithan Lal, Darshni,  etc. Mirza Qadiyani declared this book superior to Quran. After reading Tazkara one can easily make out the difference between divinity and psychological disease. Below are a few verses from Mirza’s collection

Quran was revealed near Qadiyan. The detail of this revelation is “That in fact We revealed Quran close to Damascus on the eastern side on the white minaret’ as I live on the eastern end of the river.

(Tazkara Majmooa Ilhamat: P: 76, second edition)

We asked as to where Quran is?  Had there been any Quran, there would have been no need for another messenger. The problem is that Quran does not exist now. That is the cause of Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) (Mirza Qadiyani) being sent again as ‘Berozi’ in the world so that Quran may be revealed to him.

(Kalmat ul Fasl: P: 173)

I swear upon God that I have so firm a faith in these revelations as I have faith in Quran and God’s other Books. And as I believe the Quran as the words of God, in the same way the words that are revealed to me I take them as God’s words or speech.

(Haqiqat Ul Wahi: P: 220, Roohani Khazain: V: 22, P: 220)

We also refer to those ‘Hadiths’ that confirm to the Quran and do not contradict my revelation. While to other sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) (Hadiths) we throw them in dust bin.

(Roohani Khazain: V: 19, P: 140)