Qadiyanis, Today’s Salman Rushdy

            This group, that disregards the Finality of Prophet Hood, was planted by the British to uproot Islam. They also took care of interests of this group. Because these people were on higher posts, they made conspiracies against Muslim ‘Ummah’ and Pakistan. The Qadiyanis are hidden enemies of the Muslims. In the guise of Islam these people, in fact, are working for anti-Islam & anti-Pakistan forces. In 1953 the Muslims started a great movement against the Qadiyanis. Ten thousand young men scarified their lives for this cause. Till 1974, the combat between the mischief (Qadiyaniat) & the sacrificed (Muslims) continued. On 29th May 1974, there was uproar in the whole of the country against the incident that happened in Rabwah (Chenab Nagar). People of Pakistan demanded that the Qadiyanis be declared a non-Muslim minority. At last the National Assembly was given the status of a committee to resolve the issue.

            7th September 1974 is a Golden & Unforgettable day in Muslim history. This day the Qadiyanis were declared as non-Muslims. Amendments were made in the clause (3) of Article 106 & clause (2) of Article 260 of the Constitution of Pakistan. Through this amendment those people who disapproved the Finality of Prophet Hood were declared as non-Muslim minority . After this land mark achievement, on 26th April 1984, General Zia-ul-Haq issued an injunction of Qadiyaniat Ordinance which prohibited the Qadiyanis from using epithets, signs, titles & customs of Muslims. They cannot pose being Muslims nor can they say that their religion is Islam. If any Qadiyani violates these injunctions, he shall be fined as well as sent to prison. The Qadiyanis challenged the Ordinance in the Federal Islamic Court, where the writ petition was rejected. They violated the law, so suits were filed against them from civil courts. All the high courts of the provinces gave the verdict against them.

            Then the Qadiyanis challenged the decision of the high courts in the Supreme Court. In 1992, the number of these reached eight (8). In July 1993, a five-member bench was formed by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court. The decision of this bench of Supreme Court was of historical nature and worth-reading. The Court reached the conclusion that in spite of being non-Muslims, the Qadiyanis pose to be Muslims & in this guise they intend to deceive the Muslims & insult the great Islamic Personalities. If the Qadiyanis have no plan to misguide others, why they do not evolve new epithets and titles appropriate for their own religion? No other religion has ever tried to steal away the titles of Islam or any other religion. After quoting certain blasphemous writings of Qadiyanis, the judges said that, referring to a ‘Hadith’,

“ It is the religious responsibility of every Muslim to love the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) more than his children, family, parents and everything of the world ” 

(Sahih Bokhari Sharif).

 Is their any Muslim who can control himself after listening, reading or seeing the material that Mirza Qadiyani has created?

            The importance of this detailed verdict lies in the fact that it also discusses the secret intention and faith of the Qadiyanis. In the end the revered Judges reached the conclusion that

Because of their sacrilegious belief every Qadiyani is like the notorious “Salman Rushdy”.