The Qadiyanis Blasphemous Against The Holy Prophet

            Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) is the best and the most supreme of the all the creatures. He is the most favorite person of God.

            But Mirza Qadiyani wrote a number of blasphemous and insolent writings against the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam). We feel ashamed even to copy these heart-rending writings. Our purpose is to show you the real picture of Mirza Qadiyani and his followers.


In this book close to this dialogue; there is a revelation from God. In this revelation I was named as Mohammad and Rasool.

(Ek Ghalaty Ka Azala P: 4, Roohani Khazain V: 18 P: 20)

Twenty six years earlier, God named me as Muhammad and Ahmad in Braheen e Ahmadia and has declared me as Muhammad’s ‘Burooz’ (shadow or metaphor)

(Haqiqat Al Wahi P: 67 Roohani Khazain V: 22 P: 502)

I have said earlier many times that I am the Last prophet as mentioned in the Aayet……………although as  a ‘Bruz’ (shadow) and twenty years ago God named me Muhammad and Ahmad in Braheen e Ahmadia and declared me a part of Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam). So Muhammad’s (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) being the last prophet does not waver my Prophet Hood because shadow does not part with its real (substance). 

(Ek Ghalaty ka Azala P. 10, Roohani Khazain V. 18 P.212)

I am Adam, I am Noah, I am Abraham, I am Issa, I am Jacob, I am Ismail, I am Moses, I am Dawood, I am Christ the son of Marry, I am Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam).

(Haqiqat al Wahi P: 521, Roohani Khazain V: 18 P: 232)

Every prophet was given certain marvels according to the task given to him. But “Massiah Maud” (The Promised Christ) was endowed with Prophet Hood only when he got all the excellences of the Prophet Hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) and was able to become “Zilly” Prophet. So Zilly Prophet Hood caused Christ to step forward and not backwards to make him an equal to Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam).

(Kalmat ul Fasl P. 118 by Mirza Basher Ahmad)

“Massiah Maud” (The Promised Christ) is, in fact, Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) himself. He was sent again in the world to spread Islam. So we do not need any new ‘Kalema’. However, if there had been a new prophet other than Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam), there would have been need for a new ‘Kalema’.

(Kalmat Ul Fasl: P: 113 by Mirza Basher Ahmed)

A Poem by Qazi Akmal which was recited in front of Mirza who was pleased to listen to it, later published

Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) is amongst us once again

And he is even with greater grandeur than before

Whoever wants to see Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam), O Akmal

He should see Ghulam Ahmad in Qadiyan 

     (Akhbar e Badar, Qadiyan. 25th of October 1906)

It is a fact that every person has the potential for progress and he can reach the maximum excellence. So much so that he can go ahead Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) also.

(The diary of Mirza Basher ud Din Mehmood. Akhbar Alfazal Qadiyan No.5 17th of July 1992)

The Holy Prophet and his companions used to eat cheese given by the Christians. Though it was a well known fact that Pig’s fat was used in that cheese.

(Letter by Mirza Qadiyani. Akhbar Alfazal Qadiyan 22nd Feb 1924)

The person who makes a distinction between Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) and me, in fact  has not recognized me.

(Khutba Ilhamia. P:200)

Qadiyanis are hereby requested to kindly revise their decision of making Mirza their religious guide. This brings them at par with Mirza in his crime of blaspheming Muhammad (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam). The impact of such a folly is not restricted to this material world but extends beyond with everlasting consequences.