The Signs Of The Promised Christ

Question: Qadiyanis say that Christ (Ale–hes–salaam) has died but the Muslims’ faith is that he is alive in heaven and will reappear near the Dooms day; please, make clarification about the reappearance of Christ (Ale–hes–salaam). Moreover, how Muslims will recognize him (Christ (Ale–hes–salaam)) and what are the signs of Christ (Ale–hes–salaam)?


Answer: According to the Holy Quran and the sayings of Holy Prophet (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) one of the signs of the Doom’s Day is the reappearance of Christ. He (Christ (Ale–hes–salaam) will appear just before the Resurrection Day. As we haven’t been informed about the time or the century of the Doom’s Day (Resurrection Day), in the same way we aren’t told about the time or the century of the appearance of Christ (Ale–hes–salaam).

Holy Quran says about Christ (Ale–hes–salaam):

“And, indeed, that is the sign of the Resurrection Day. So, don’t have the least doubt about it.”

       (Al Zakhraf)

About the Christ (Ale–hes–salaam), Holy Prophet (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) says:

“Because there appears no Prophet between Christ (Ale–hes–salaam) and me, I’m nearest to Christ (Ale–hes–salaam) than all others. So, if you see him (Ale–hes–salaam), recognize him (Ale–hes–salaam). His (The Christ’s (Ale–hes–salaam)) features are that his stature is medium, his color is red and white, his hair are straight. At the time of the appearance his hair will look wet as if water is about to drip from his hair, though there might not be any water near him. He  will be wearing two yellow colored cloth sheets. He will break the Cross, kill the pig, abolish capitation tax and put an end to all other religions, and the time comes when all the people except on Islam will be killed and Dajjal Kazzab (The Great Liar) will also be killed by God during his tenure. Peace and security will be the rule of the day. The camels will play with the lions. The leopards along with the cows, and the wolves along with the goats, graze together. Children will play with snakes and will not harm each other. He (Ale–hes–salaam) will live as much as God’s will. Then he (Ale–hes–salaam) will die and Muslims will say his funeral prayer and bury him.”       

 (Masnad Ahmad P: 437.  Fateh al Bari P: 493   V: 6)

            The detail that has been described in the ‘Hadith’, of the events that will happen during Christ’s (Ale–hes–salaam) life time is lengthy. Here some of the events are being described briefly:

  1. Hazrat Mehdi (Aleh–he–Rizwan) will appear before the Christ (Ale–hes–salaam).
  2. Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will descend at the time of the Fajr prayer.
  3. Hazrat Mehdi (Aleh–he–Rizwan) will ask Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) to lead the prayers but Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will deny.
  4. In prayers, Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will say the following ‘Dua’:   “Qatal Allah ud Dajjal.”.
  5. After the prayers Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will go to kill ‘Dajjal’.
  6. Seeing Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) ‘Dajjal’ will melt like lead.
  7. Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will kill ‘Dajjal’ in ‘Bab e Lud’ (Syria) & show the blood on his spear to Muslims.
  8. After the killing of ‘Dajjal’ the whole of the world will accept Islam. A general order of killing swine & breaking cross will be given.
  9. Peace will prevail so much that even wolf & goat, leopard & cow will graze together & children will play with the snakes.
  10. After sometime Yajooj & Majooj will appear who will spread disorder in the world.
  11. During these days Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) with his followers will go to Tur Mountain where he (Aleh–hes–salaam) will face the shortage of food.
  12. Owing to his curse Yajooj and Majooj will at once and the birds will throw their corpses in ocean.
  13. After it, heavy rains will sweep away the remaining parts of their bodies into the ocean.
  14. Christ (Aleh–hes–salaam) will marry in an Arabian tribe, Banu Kalab, and he will have issue.
  15. He will wear ‘Ahram’ for Hajj and Ummrah near ‘Faj al Roha’.
  16. He will visit the Roza–e–Anwar (shrine) of Holy Prophet (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) and Holy Prophet (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) will reply him (Aleh–hes–salaam).
  17. After death he (Aleh–hes–salaam) will be buried in Muhammad’s (Sallallaho–Alaihe–Wassallam) Roza e Anwar (shrine).
  18. After his death a man named Maqad will be made vice-regent. After Maqad’s death the Holy Quran will be erased from human hearts and papers.
  19. The sun will rise from the west and distinction will be made between the believers and the infidels.