The Signs Of The True Prophet

Some of the signs of the true Prophets are stated below. Mirza, the false claimant of Prophet Hood, could not have a single one even by chance.

The signs are:

Every Prophet had an uncompounded (i.e. single) name, for example Adam, Noah, Christ, Moses, Muhammad etc. 

This pseudo Prophet had a compound name, i.e. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani.


It was God’s law that every Prophet was buried in the place where he had died. 

Mirza Qadiyani died in the toilet of Ahmadia Building, Brandrath Road, Lahore and buried in Qadiyan.


A true Prophet could never be the disciple or pupil of another human being as God himself is responsible for the education and training of a Prophet. 

Mirza Qadiyani had taken coaching from a number of teachers in school. He even used to get punishment.


A Prophet used to be the most beautiful person of his time

Mirza Qadiyani was the ugliest person ever seen


According to Allah’s law, a Prophet could not be a poet 

Mirza had a work of poetry called “Dur-e-Sameen”.


A Prophet cannot be a liar

Mirza has several hundred documented lies in the form of his books


All claims or foretelling of a Prophet ultimately come to realization as they are a truth revealed by Allah Himself 

Mirza made hundreds of prophecies in document; all proved false and are available for reference


In Quran Allah says that he reveals his books and scriptures in the Prophet’s own languages so that the Prophets could teach their respective nations easily

Mirza had revelations in different languages i.e. Punjabi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit etc. and many were incomprehensible for Mirza himself 

May Allah guide us to the right path, the path that leads to Him. Amen!