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  • What is the difference between Lahori and Qadiani Mirzais? The Lahori group does not consider Mirza Qadiani as Prophet, then how they are infidels? Evaluate the differences between the two groups.

What is the difference between Lahori and Qadiani Mirzais? The Lahori group does not consider Mirza Qadiani as Prophet, then how they are infidels? Evaluate the differences between the two groups.

Question No.8                What is the difference between Lahori and Qadiani Mirzais? The Lahori group does not consider Mirza Qadiani as Prophet, then how they are infidels? Evaluate the differences between the two groups.

Answer:      There are two groups of Mirzais – Lahori and Qadiani. By the time of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and Noorud Din there was only one group. After Noorud Din’s death in 1914, the leader of Lahori group, Muhammad Ali, M.A. and his companions were of the view that after Noorud Din, Muhammad Ali should be given the responsibility of running the affairs of the Qadianies. But the family of Mirza Qadiani and his disciples gave the so-called ‘Khilafat’ to the child Mirza Mehmood. Muhammad Ali Lahori with his followers came to Lahore and there emerged two groups. In fact this was a dispute over authority and not over faith. By the time of Mirza Qadiani and Noorud Din, Lahori group was friendly with the Qadiani group. Even now the Lahori group considers Mirza’s all claims to be true. They take all his claims, like ‘Imam’ sent by God, the Revivalist, ‘Mehdi’, Christ, ‘Zilly and Broozi Nabi,’ etc, as part of their faith. They spread Mirza’s faith and published his books. The Qadianies propagated against the Lahoris that they separated because they could not get authority. At the Lahoris defended themselves by saying that they had differences in faith. They said that they were different from the Qadianies in three ways :

1-                             The Qadiani group says that the deniers of Mirza are infidels, but we do not consider them infidels.

2-                             The Qadiani group says that Mirza Qadiani is according to the Ayah “ arabi “, but we do not consider him like this.

3-                             The Qadiani group declares Mirza as a real Prophet, but we do not declare him as a true Prophet.

At this, there were polemics between the two groups. In the book called “Mubahisa Rawalpindi” is the account of the written polemics between them. Both the parties have given references from Mirza’s books. It proves Mirza’s falsehood that his claims are so entangled that even his followers could not decide about his claims. But all it is dispute over authority and self-centeredness. The chief of one group was Mirza Mehmood and that of the other was Muhammad Ali Lahori. Mirza Mehmood was young. He had authority as well as wealth. He went astroay. Even Mirza Qadiani’s true followers were surprised at this. The story of Mirza Mehmood’s extra marital relations reached Lahore. The Lahori group disclosed his character in the books like ‘Tarekh Mehmodiat, Rabwah Ka pope, Rabwah Ka Mazhiby Aamir Kamalat-o-Mehmoodia, etc. Mirza Mehmood reciprocated. In the following are some examples:

“ ‘Farooq’ is a newspaper published by a special disciple of the Caliph (Khalifa) of Qadian. Due to its services, the Caliph has said for increasing its circulation. Because of its cheap and abusive writings, the newspaper has a high status in Qadiani press. To abuse the leaders of Lahori group is its major characteristic. On February 28, 1935, there are certain essays and columns against us in the newspaper. The language is abusive. Some of these are as follows (Akhbar Pegham Sulha, Lahore, March 11, 1935). Even Lahori Mirzais were not lesser in using abusive language against the Qadianies”

“We are aware of Moulvi Muhammad Ali’s Jummah speech which he made on October 19, 1945. As usual, the speech is full of abuses against ‘Ameerul Momeneen’ (Mirza Mehmood). For how long we will continue to make complaints. There are no signs that his anger will cool down. Now we are tired of listening to abuses, but he is not tired of calling names. Each speech, is more sarcastic than the previous one. Using abusive language and calling names has become his second nature. He cannot speak without using abusive and sarcastic language.”

(Essay in the newspaper, ‘Alfazel’. Qadian, v.23, p.4 Number 273. November 22, 1945)

But calling names to each other was the common feature of the two groups. Sometimes on leads and sometimes the other. The basis of this art was laid in Mirza Qadiani’s books. So, the books must be followed, Mirza Mehmood complained of the abusive language of Muhammad Ali. Now here is also a complaint made by Muhammad Ali:

“On Jummah prayer Mirza Mehmood Ahmad said that we were ‘Hell-fire, the worst nation of the world and the urine in latreen.’ These words are so torturing that one starts feeling the bad smell of latreen.”(Khutba Jumma. Newspaper “Pegham Sulah”, v.22, Number 33, p.7 June 3, 1934)

The Muslims declared the quarrel as two sides of the same coins. All was the result of the spiritual training of Mirza Qadiani. Someone asked Maulana Syed Attaullah Shah Bukhari, the difference between the Lahori and Qadiani groups. He at once replied that both are cursed. Swine remains swine, whether its colour is black or white. Infidelity remains infidelity whether it is of Qadiani or Lahori group. The centre of the Lahori group is Lahore. The centre of the Qadianies is Rabwah. And now their center is London. All the Muslim scholars declared that both the groups are infidels. The National Assembly and Supreme Court of Pakistan considered them as infidels and non-Muslims.

Why the Lahori group is infidel?

                   Whoever claims Prophethood after Hazrat Muhammad SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam is on infidel by common consent. And the people who consider such a person as their leader, Mehdi, Revivalist, Christ, ‘Zilly or Broozi Nabi’ are also infidels. That is why the Muslim scholars in their ‘Fatawa’, the courts in their verdicts and the National Assembly in her constitution declared that both the Qadiani and Lahori groups are infidels. In the following is the blasphemous claims made by Mirza Qadiani, Lahori group has also faith in these claims.

1-                              “True God is He who sent His Messenger to Qadian.

 (Dafe Albala, p.11; Khazain, v.18, p.231)

2-                             We (I) claim that We (I) are Prophet and Messenger

(Bader, March 5, 1908; Malfozat, v.10, p.127)

3-           One of the hurdles in the way to my preaching is the claim of Prophethood and of receiving revelation and also the claim of the promised Christ.

(Braheen Ahmedia, part fifth, p.55 Khazain, (v.21, p.68)

4-                Only I was entitled for Prophethood (Haqeeqatul Wuhi, p.391 Khazain, v.22, p.406)

5-                There are thousands of saints in the Ummah because they followed the Holy Prophet SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam. And he (Mirza) is also one of these who ‘umaty’ (follower of the Holy Prophet SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam and a Prophet as well.”

(Haqeeqatul Wuhi, p.28; Khazain, v.22, p.30)

6-                “We (I) have the same signs for being a Prophet as are described in the Torah. I am not the first Prophet. There have been many Prophets to whom you consider to be true.”

(Al-Hukam, April 10, 1908, Malfoozat, v.10, p.217)

In these references Mirza Qadiani claims Prophethood explicitly. He claims that he is the Prophet like other Prophets, from Adam Alaih-i-Salam to Hazrat Muhammad SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam. There was no Prophet to whom God did not bestowed with a miracle. So, after his claim of Prophethood, Mirza also needed a miracle. He writes about his miracle.

7-                “If I am not a man with miracle, then I am a liar”

(Tohafatul Nadwatah, p.9, Khazain, v.19, p.97)

8-                “But I have better proofs. I have revealed thousands of miracles.”                     (Tohafatul Nadwatah, p.12, Khazain, v.19, p.100)

9-                “God is revealing so much signs for me that if these had been revealed in Noah’s time, people would not have drowned.”

(Haqeeqatul Wuhi, p.138, Khazain, v.27, p.575)

For being a Prophet there was also the need of revelation. So, Mirza writes:

10-               “So, much has been revealed to me by God that if it is written down, it will form not less than twenty parts”

(Haqeeqatul Wuhi, p.39; Khazain, v.22, p.407)

All those references are sufficient to prove that Mirza claimed Prophethood. And the consent of the Muslim opinion is that such a person is an infidel.”

Whoever claims Prophethood after Hazrat Muhammad SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam is an infidel. Mirza’s claims are accepted by the Lahori Group also. So, they too, like the Qadiani group, are apostate and infidels. (For more detail can be seen ‘Ehtasab Qadianiat’ by Maulana Lal Hussain Akhtar. ‘Tohfa-e-Qadianiat’ by Maulana Ludhyanvi ).