Boycott Against shezan – By – Muhammad Tahir Abdur Razaq Sahib

The notorious shezan drink factory is owned by qadiyanies.  Economiccally this factory is the backbone for the qadiyanies. This company supplies the “Petrol” for the vehicle of false prophet hood. In short, shezan company is the economic unit of the qadiyani prophet hood. As Hazrat Abu Baker (Razi Allah Anho) and Hazar Usman (Razi Allah Anho) used to spend their wealth for the cause of true prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), in the same way to propagate the false prophet hood of mirza qadiyani the shezan company is spending its capital abundantly. In the past few years the shezan company has spent a lot at the preaching of qadiyaniat. After the ban on the annual public meeting of the qadiyanies, the meeting is held in London. A lot of money is spent over it, the half of which is paid by the shezan company. In 1988 the company put one tenth of its annual income (Ten Million and fifty one thousand rupees) in rabwa fund. It is shezan company strengthening those newspaper and magazines that are busy in spreading false prophethood by giving them advertisement. It is the shezan company that gives scholarships to qadiyani students who are working against the faith of seal of prophethood. It is spreading the literature of mirzai  prophethood and the altered copies of the Holy Quran. At the death of ch. shah nawaz, the owner of shezan company, the newspaper al-fazal, praised him a lot. it is sufficient to open the eyes of the Muslims. It is the eye opener for those who say that shezan company does not belong to the qadiyanies or that formally it belonged to the qadiyanies but now the Muslims have bought it.

The daily qadiyani “al-fazal” writes:

“It is informed to all the party men with a heavy heart that mr. shah nawaz died on 23rd march, 1990 because of heart attack. He was of 85. the respected late shah nawaz was one of those persons who donated a lot for ahmedia party. He was also blessed with the honour of bearing the expenses of the translation and publication of the holy quran in the Russian language. So the head of the ahmedia party mentioned ch. shah nawaz in his address on 27th December at the annual meeting in 1983. He said:

“By that time we could not publish the Qurani translation in Russian language. It required huge expenses. God blessed ch. shah nawaz to start the project. He said that he would bear all the expenses of the Russian translation of the Quran and the revision. With the grace of god he did another virtue. So he wrote that he will also bear all the expenses of the publication of this Quran.”                                                                                    (al-fazal 14th January 1984)

In the same way addressing the annual meeting in London held in 1987 the said:

“The honourable ch. shah nawaz was blessed by god to offer the expenses of the Russian Quran”.

He further said “Except ch. shah nawaz, his children have also offered their services for the Japanese Language and in this connection they have subscribed a large amount of money”.

                                          (Zamema qadiyani “khalid” October 1987 P:6)

O simpleton Muslims! Read the statement of qadiyani newspaper “He was one of the prominent industrialists of the country. He established successful business enterprises. shah nawaz limited, shezan international, shah taj sugar mills and shah nawaz textile mills are some of the units.                                                                                      (Al – fazal rabwah 26 March 1990)

O Muslims! Do you know what type of this translation of the Quran is? In real it is an attack on Quran by the followers of the false prophet. It is an attempt to distort the meaning of the verses of Quran. It is an effort to prove the false qadiyani prophethood through apostolic interpretation of the Holy Quran.

O Simpleton Muslims! Have you ever thought that why qadiyanies are spending millions of rupees on the evil mission of the translation of Quran? Why are qadiyanies spreading this poisonous translation and why shezan company is a guard of this satanic army? Its reason is that through this apostatic translation they reject the faith in the seal of prophethood and prove the continuation of prophethood.  Mirza qadiyanie’s false prophethood is proved through this translation. Christ (AS) is allotted cross and mirza qadiyani is called the promised Christ. Mirza qadiyani is called Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and it is argued that Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has reappeared to spread Islam. (Allah Pak forgives). It is proved that mirza qadiyani completed Islam. It is proved that Quran has been revealed again on mirza qadiyani. Wherever Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) has been addressed in the Quran, mirza qadiyani is associated with those verses. The apostate followers of mirza qadiyani are called “Sehabae Rasool” (companions of the holy prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)). His faithless wires are called “___________________” (Wives of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)). In this translation there is blessing even against god. The holy term, “Ahley Bait”, is used for the members of his family. Belief in the oneness of god is rejected. There is a laugh at Holy Prophets (Alaihimus Salam). The Holy Mary is accused and the teachings of Islam are neglected.

O Muslims! qadiyanies are engaged in their apostatic mission. They want to break our link with Quran and the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and link and associate us with mirza qadiyani. They wish to change our spiritual centre from Mecca and Madina to qadiyan. Their utmost effort is that instead of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) mirza qadiyani should be considered the leader and head of the whole humanity. (Allah Pak forgives)

O Muslims! When you buy the products of shezan company, the owners of the company earn a lot. They subscribed the one tenth of their income to qadiyani fund.

So be aware if your money is spent on the construction of any qadiyani place of worship, then how much of you have helped in the construction of house of Satan. If any qadiyani preacher is paid through your money and he succeeds in converting any Muslim towards qadiyaniat, how much you will be responsible for it. If your money is spent on the publication of the altered copies of the meaning of Quran and the rejected “Ahadijh, how much you will be responsible for it. If your money is spent on the purchase of arms and if a Muslim soldier is martyred with that arms, how much you will be responsible for it. If mirza masroor spends your money on the edible things that strengthen his body, mind and heart and then he talks against the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and Islam, how much you will be responsible for it.

O the followers of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)! Buying the products of shezan company means subscribing in the fund for the false prophethood, strengthen the plunderers of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. Suppose you are five brothers and your father has brought you up with care and love. There is a person who is malice towards your father but does not reveal it. He opens a shop in your neighborhood. You buy the house hold things from his shop. He earns so much income from your one year’s buying that he buys a revolver and makes an attempt to kill your father. You will be shocked to know the attack but you will feel so much Pain, repentance and anger when you come to know that the revolver has been bought with your own money. You will prove your honour and love for your father by severely dealing with that shopkeeper. You will get the help of law also. By taking revenge you will set a good sample. But if millions of the Muslims continue to buy the products of shezan company and qadiyanies continues to buy arms to attack the honour of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), can they be assumed of having any sense of religious honour? If we continue to commit this deadly sin again and again, can we be called Muslims? We are so much furious and felt shame as for the matter of our worldly father is concerned while we are silent and senseless is case of our spiritual father, Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

If any Jewish organization comes to Pakistan and sells many products. And their plan is to spend the earned money at the bomb blast to be exploded in “Kaaba’ the occasion of Hajj. If the Muslims come to know this horrible plan, they will deal the organization with an iron hand. shezan company is not less satanic in its evil plans than such organization. Its aim is to destroy Islam. But the simpleton Muslims are buying the products of shezan company and this anti-Islam company is making huge profits.

When any shopkeeper is asked to boycott the products of shezan company he replies “To boycott is a cruelty because hundreds of the Muslims work in shezan factory. If the shezan is boycotted, the poor employees will become un-employed.  It is for kind information that these Muslim employees are tools in the hands of shezan company and the qadiyanies are exploiting this tool adroitly. Qadiyanies are enjoying the key posts in the shezan company. Muslim employees are just works of lower ranks. Wherever there is a movement against shezan and owing to their religious honour the shopkeepers boycott the shezan these workers are used as a tool by the authorities of the company. These workers go to the shopkeepers and plead them to take pity on them (workers). They said, “For god sake! Take pity on us. If you stop taking our products, we will be dismissed from our jobs. Our children will go to starvation.  It is not a matter of the shezan. It is a matter of our financial protection. It is a matter of food for our children. We are your religious brothers. Please! Take the products of the shezan for our sake”. To hear such emotional words, the shopkeepers take pity on them and the business of the shezan company starts again. The Muslim employees are used by the qadiyanies like a bait to catch the fish.

O the employees in the shezan factory! God’s land is vast. God is the provider. Your work and services for the apostates is a shameless thing in both the worlds. It is shame on you. Trust in God, the provider. He is merciful. Leave the job of the shezan company. Have faith in it that only God is the best provider.

O the drinker of shezan! Do not invite God’s wrath upon you by drinking shezan. Do not take this obnoxious drink of the apostates lest you suffer from any disease and you lose the pleasures of life.

O the sellers of the shezan! By selling shezan you are selling your sons of honour and your love for Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). If you become the business agent for the enemies of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). You can earn a few rupees, but you will invite countless misfortunes and enviousness for you. Spit over this accursed business, and your life should become a lesson and warning for others.

O the followers of Islam! If a doctor prohibits a sugar patient from using sweet things, he at once stops the use of such things. If a blood pressure patient is prohibited from using salt, he at once acts upon it. If a person who is suffering from cough and cold is asked to give up the use of sour things, he at once stops the use of such things. If a heart patient is advised not to do hard work, he stops labour. But if a movement is started by mosque against shezan, no one pays head to it. For the safety of our body we follow the instructions of the doctors but we are not ready to give up shezan products.

O Muslims! Your feel bad to see a burned piece of bread. You do not carry if it is not tasty, you feel aversion if you see flies in your food. But alas! You feel no aversion when you pour shezan in your stomach. You do not take the food from your enemy while enjoy the food from the house of the Holy Prophet’s enemies. You close the doors of your house for one who insults you, but your welcome the products of shezan in your house and kitchen. Your forefathers left their homeland and friendships for the sake but you are not ready to abandon even the products of shezan. Iqbal rightly said for such Muslims:

“Even the Jews feel Shame to look at the Muslims”