Foreign Personalities About Qadiyaniat


“No Mirzai (owing to his infidelity) can enter Saudi Arabia.”


“The Qadiyani association of Switzerland sent a humorous application to SHAH FAHED of Saudi Arabia that the head of their religion be invited for performing hajj in Saudi Arabia. Shah Fahad replied “If the head of the Qadiyani group comes here rejecting the accused Mirza Qadiyani, we will honor him but if he comes here as a follower of Mirza Qadiyani then remember that he is coming in Hijaz and that he will be dealt as Muselema Kazaab was dealt by Hazrat Abu Baker (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum)”. To hear this Mirzai lost their senses.

“A group of Qadiyanies applied for the permission of performing Hajj. The Saudi government reiterated its plea that any non-Muslim cannot be allowed to enter the Holy Land. Shah Fahad said, “I am a humble servant of Mecca and Madina and no one will be allowed to damage the honor of the HOLY LAND. Qadiyanies have been declared non Muslims. So it is impossible for a group of Qadiyani to enter the Holy Land and perform hajj.”

SHIEKH MUHAMMED ABDULLAH (Orator and Imam of Masjid ul Haram)

“The Qadiyani group is busy in making mischievous against Islam and Muslims and their people are Muslims’ dead enemies. I pray God for the help of all the Muslims of Pakistan, especially those who are working in ‘Majlis-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’. May God give ability to government and the rulers to follow the truth and root out evil? May God give then strength to follow ‘Din-e-Hanif’ and to root out all the mischievous especially the Qadiyaniat? And may God save as from all the mischievous and evils.” (Aamin)

“The Qadiyanies are Islam’s enemies. Who ever do not consider Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) the last prophet of God, is an infidel. Qadiyanies are flourishing in Pakistan and they are engaged to fulfill their anti Islam plans. For enforcing presidential Ordinance, President Zia Ul Haq will have his reward from ALLAH and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) on the day of judgment.”


“The Qadiyanies yearn to work in the guise of Muslims so that they may not reveal themselves as Qadiyanies. In this way by living among Muslims they want to get double edge. They divide the Muslims and weak their strength and strengthen their economic and political power. Because of this fraud they occupied “woo King Shah Jahan Masjid”, London and in 1926 on the inauguration of Qadiyani of Place of worship, Fazal south field London, they tried to persuade and snare Shah Faisal. But in spite of their insistence Shah Faisal did not agree and their plan failed. Shah Faisal said “In fact under the guise of religion it is a political movement.”

ABDUL AZIZ BIN ABDULLAH (Vice Chancellor, Madina University)

“The person who says that Christ(AS) was murdered and hanged, or the migrated to Kashmir where he died a natural death after a long time, or that was not coma again but a Maseeh’(like him) would come, is an infidel. As Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani claims, ‘I am like Christ, now I will perform the duty (of Christ). A person having such thoughts, in fact, declares God and His Messenger (SA) liar (God forgiven) and such a person is infidel. After giving arguments from Quran and Sunnah such as person be demanded to repent. If he does not repent and returns to truth, he should be murdered in his state of infidelity”.

SHEIKH ABDULLAH BIN HASAN (The Arch- mufti Makkah)

“There is no doubt in the infidelity of one who claims Prophet Hood, for there will be no Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Whoever testifies Mirza Qadiyani or follows him is in infidel like the claimant of Prophet Hood. His marriage alliance with the Muslims as prohibited.”


“Qadiyanies are Pakistani’s enemies and Islam’s traitors. To hunt them is the collective religion responsibilities of all the Muslims”.


 “To face the UN Islamic activities of the transgressed Qadiyanies and behaves the Islamic research academy, Egypt, has appealed all the Muslims to utilize all their resources against them. The academy has made them responsible for spreading anti Islamic and criminal thoughts. These transgressed people are playing the role of vagabonds, it is imperative for Muslims to face their criminal activities at every level. Following the instruction of administrator of AL-AZHAR University the Islamic Research Academy has prepared a research analysis which throws light on the historical factors of transgressed groups. This analysis is revealed that the principles and philosophies of these groups are man made and that they have nothing in common with Islam. The research shows that these groups are the products of the Jews and colonial forces; that they have caused much loss to Muslim World. Because these forces are engaged in anti Islam activities, so all the Muslims should get united and using their all materials and littering resources should face these enemies of Islam.


“Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) is the last prophet of God and no prophet will be sent again till the Doomsday. So, whoever claims any Prophet Hood after Hazrat Muhammad (SA) is a liar, accuses and denies of the Book and the Sunnah that is why we( the religion scholars on the right path) have issued the ‘Fatwa’ of infidelity of all the followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani. Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani and his group say that he is Prophet and that revelation is sent to him by God. In addition, we also issue the ‘Fatwa’ that neither any marriage alliance should be made with them nor they should be buried in Muslims’ graveyards.

Supporting the Mufti(Jurist) of Egypt  Jamal Abdul Nasir, the President of Egypt, declared them illegal, banned their Preaching activities and confiscated (seized) their whole Property and sealed up their offices.


“The opponent of Islam has taken Islamic teachings as humorous but now it is our duty to prove the world that we are still working for the revival of the glory of Islam.

Dear brothers: I feel ache in my heart when I see billions of Muslims leading the lives of slaves.

My friends: If time demands, I will be in the vanguard to be martyred for the safety of honor of Islam. You are free to use every possible lawful means to root out the accused Qadiyani group. I give you glad tidings of your success.”


“Thanks God! We are Muslims and our country is Islamic. In the first century of Hijrat, our ancestors accepted Islam by Hazrat Aqbah Bin Aamir (Razi-Allah-ho-Talaa-Anhum), a devoted companion of the Holy Prophet. From that time to the present day we are reeking guidance form Islam sight. We believe in the oneness of Allah and the real of Prophet Hood of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Though we are poor, but we are ready to lay down our lives for the cause of Islam. We will not be lead by greed or any interest in abandoning Islam and accepting the great offers of Christianity. How we accept Qadiyaniat, which denies the real of Prophet Hood?”

Maulana Shamruddin Qasmi, Maulana Raghib Hasan, Maulana Aziz ul Rehman, Maulana Athar Ali, Maulana Sakhwat Alambia( Majlis e Tahafuz e Khatme Nabuwat, Bangladesh).

“Qadiyaniat has become a challenge for the Muslims of Bangladesh. The Qadiyanies think that they have no resistance here and they can easily make the simpleton Muslims apostates.

It is their misunderstanding. The Muslims here are poor but will not sell their Faith. After 1947, Qadiyanies strengthened themselves here. In the reign of President Ayyub, a tract of two hundred acres was allotted to Qadiyanies on behalf of M.M. Ahmed Qadiyani. There they established a Qadiyani Colony, “Ahmed Nager”.

 The Qadiyani group started its Provoking activities in Bangladesh. Now they will not be free to continue their activities. By the Grace of God, the accused Qadiyaniat will be eradicated.

Qadiyaniat is a running sere for the Muslim World. When the Qadiyanies distributed the altered copies of the Bengali translation of the Quran, it provoked the Muslims. Muslims of Bangladesh will never tolerate such an evil act at al.


“We were given the impression that Muhammadi religion and Ahmedi religion are the same. Ahmedi (Qadiyani) Organization deceived us and introduced themselves as Muslims. They said that they called themselves as ‘Ahmedi’ just for the sake of introduction. They offered that they would build houses and roads and provide facilities. People thought of killing two birds with one stone People thought that their Faith being safe why they should not get facilities. They accepted Qadiyaniat. But now we have come to know that the real of Prophet Hood is the basic element of Islam. Mirza Qadiyani claimed Prophet Hood. His followers give him the status of a Prophet.

Qadiyaniat has no concern with Islam. They very name of their  Din Ahmedi is a deception. Now I am clear about Qadiyaniat. I repent from Qadiyaniat. I along with my forty thousand followers repent from Qadiyaniat. Now no Qadiyani will dare to transgress People. Now the government of Mali has not only rejected their application for registration but also has banned their Preaching activities for ever. Orders have been issued for the arrest of four agents of Mirza Tahir Qadiyani. In this way with the efforts of ‘International Committee for the Protection of the Seal of Prophet Hood’ the forty thousand People who have turned to Qadiyaniat have again accepted Islam. Now while Islam’s truth is clear to them, they have sacrificed all the benefits and preferred Islam”.


“Enmity with the Muslims is in the blood of the Qadiyanies. Pakistan is in their special target. Qadiyanies in Pakistan are engaged in terrorist activities, spreading sectarianism, promoting provincial and linguistic differences and creating discontentment among people. Pakistani’s religious scholars and head of government should take them seriously. To destroy Pakistan they are trying to launch a movement like that of the one in East- Pakistan. In the Nigeria conflict Israeli and Qadiyani workers are responsible for so much blood shed of the Muslims”.


“We are watching for an opportunity to root out the Qadiyanies. Now the time is not far away, when the whole world will see the real face of these agents of the colonial Powers. Islam is a complete religion and there will be no Prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani is from the lineage of Muslema Kazaab or (Muslema Kazaab is Mirza Qadiyani Forerunner).


“Now the anti-Islam forces are trying to create divisions in Muslim Ummah. The Mirzai class started from Qadiyani, a town in India. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed claimed of being Prophet and Christ. Through his cunningness and art he influenced People. Some foolish People took an oath of allegiance to him and accepted his Prophet Hood.”

“Mirza Qadiyani tried to alter the meaning of the verses of the Holy Quran and enter his name in the verses. He abolished Jihad and declared Qadiyan, instead of Mecca, as the centre of Muslims. He claimed of being God’s friend and of receiving revelations from Him. He also made a claim that he had all the signs of the Promised Christ in him and so People should have Faith in him.

After Mirza’s death, his heirs are treading on the same false track set by Mirza Qadiyani. They do not hesitate in committing the meanest activities. They did their best to humiliate Muslims and to deprive Muslims of their right. They claim that except them all the Muslims are infidels.

Basher-ud-Din Mehmood, Mirza Qadiyani vicegerent thought himself the spiritual leader of the World. He used to say to People that because of his curses the whole world would suffer in diseases and anguish.

This debased group rejoiced over Turkey’s defeat in World War II. Their pleasure knew no bounds at the fall of Bangladesh and the expulsion of the Turks from Arabia. I expect from the Turks that they would continue their efforts, according to their might, to root out this mischief.”


“The Jews showed scholastic dishonesty in such topics as Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Prophet Hood, Jihad, Revelation. But the Qadiyanies are the personification of all the dishonesties of the Jews.”

“The beliefs of the Qadiyanies are the product of those Jews orient lists of 18th century who tried their level best to declare Jihad ‘Haraam’ (Prohibited)”.


“May you be successful in all the Worlds (here and in hereafter). The Qadiyani religion is a satanic and un-Islamic belief. In the light of the teachings of Quran and Hadith we consider them reprobate and the rejected ones. We invite all the Muslims to come forward to wage a Holy war against this mischief.”


“As a result of the constitutional campaign to declare the Qadiyanies a non-Muslim minority. The Qadiyanies suffered a set back even out of Pakistan. In addition, the People who have been trapped by the Qadiyanies repented from Qadiyaniat and turned towards the real Islam. Such people are in great number. An ex-head of the Qadiyanies in Nigeria is also one of these people. Qadiyanies have three offices in Kenya. It is pity that in spite of having been declared non-Muslims the Qadiyanies are still influenced in government institutions.  The Qadiyani officer is continuing their evil designs-and a state that claims Islam is ignoring their activities. The Qadiyani officials, that entered Pakistani embassies in foreign countries in the days of exterior ministry of Zaffer Ullah, are still active (engaged in their satanic activities)”


“The Qadiyani group is a running sore for the Islamic World. This group is active in the whole world as an agent to the anti-Islamic global colonial powers. All of us should take in the Holy war against them.”


“The Holy Qur’an is very clear about it that Hazrat Muhammad (SA) is the last Prophet of God. There is a Muslim consensus to it. Having a faith contrary to it is infidelity. So, the person who believes in the continuation of Prophet Hood is an apostate and due to apostasy his marriage alliance breaks.

SHEIKH ABUL YASER A’BEDEIN (A Muslim Jurist, Republic of Syria)

“The people of Syria were much worried about the Qadiyanies. So the arch Muslim jurist issued a ‘Fattawa’ (verdict) on 15th October, 1957 and declared them infidels.

After the necessary procedure of the interior ministry, the Inspector General of police was informed about the verdict at once. As a result, the I G Police issued a notification that follows:

“The notice makes it compulsory that the activities of Ahmediya group be banned. After raid on their centers, the whole property be confiscated and be handed over to Auqaf department. If such papers as indicate any activity (of Qadiyanies), after the issuance of the verdict and our Proclamation, are recovered, there be sent to us.”


“There is not a single person in china who believes in a false Prophet. All the Muslims have faith in Hazrat Muhammad (SA) as the last Prophet of God. After Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W), Prophet Hood has ended. No Muslim of China can even imagine that there may be so cheater and liar a person who claims Prophet Hood after the last Prophet (S.A.W).


“Naimatullah Qadiyani was caught in July 1925 in Afghanistan. After apostasy and spying proved, he was stoned to death”


“After going in to the matter minutely, the Federal Assembly of Malaysia gave verdict in October 1974 that the Qadiyanies are out of the circle of Islam.”


“Indonesian minister for religion matters has told in an interview that the government has decided to ban Mirzaiyet and the investigation to collect information about them has been started. The government is also considering dealing with them with an iron hand. According to a government spokesman ninety percent population of the country comprises true Muslims who believe in the real of Prophet Hood and consider these infidels having a contrary faith. According to the spokesperson, a close research is being made to know as to how much negatively Mirzaiyet has influenced the masses. The government is unaware of the exact figure of the Mirzai in the country”.


“Abu Dhabi ministry for religion matters and Auqaf has pronounced that no club or organization of the Qadiyanies will be allowed to do any activity in Abu Dhabi. In the pronouncement, people have been in formed that the Islamic Conference has declared the Qadiyanies infidels. It further says that Qadiyanies cooperate with the colonial powers and to transgress Muslims they do anti-Islam activities under the guise of Islam. It has been said in the pronouncement that Qadiyanies will not be buried in Abu Dhabi and that any certificate or document issued by any Qadiyani organization will not be acceptable.”