Hazrat Abu Muslim Kholani

Abu Muslim Kholani is a famous Taab`ee (a person who has embraced Islam and has the honor of seeing a Sahaabi) from Yemen. Muselema Kazzab, the biggest liar and a false claimant of prophet hood, arrested him and made him stand in front of him tied up in chains. The following conversation took place between them.

Muselema:    Do you depose (testify) that I am the prophet of Allah?

Abu Muslim: I cannot hear.

Muselema:    Do you depose (testify) that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah?

Abu Muslim: No doubt. Of course! He is.

The above questions/answers were held thrice between the two. Resultantly Muselema, the biggest liar, got fed up and fell into rage. He ordered his followers to collect a huge heap of dry wood, ablaze it, and throw Abu Muslim into it. His orders were carried out quickly. The Omnipotent Allah utilized His divine powers and displayed the Ibraheemi miracle to the masses once again. The blazing fire did not harm Abu Muslim at all. Abu Muslim came out of the fire safe and sound. The followers of Muselema Kazzab became ambiguous and doubtful about his claim of prophet hood. Observing the situation, Muselema thought it appropriate to make Abu Muslim leave Yemen. Therefore, he offered him escape from captivity subject to deportation from Yemen. Abu Muslim accepted it and took his way to Medina. On reaching Medina, he went straight to Masjid-e-Nabwi and started offering prayers behind a pillar. Hazrat Umar saw him. When he disengaged himself from prayer, Umar asked him, “From where have you come”? He replied, “From Yemen”. Everybody in the country by then had come to know about the above stated incident. Hazrat Umar had also heard of it and was eager to know the reality. He asked Abu Muslim about the incident. Therefore, Abu Muslim Kholani narrated the whole incident to Umar.