Hazrat Zaid Bin Khaarjah

Noman Bin Basheer narrates that Zaid Bin Khaarjah was one of the Knights of Ansaar. One day he was passing through the streets of Medina when he suddenly fell down and died. The people of his tribe came to know and lifted his body home. They covered his body with a sheet of cloth. Some of  his relative Ansaari women were wailing on the dead body who were stopped by the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). Between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers, suddenly, the people present besides his dead body heard a voice saying, “Keep quiet! Keep quiet!” The people present there were astonished and looked around. On careful observation, they found that the voice was coming from beneath the cloth on the Zaid’s body. They uncovered his face. Zaid’s tongue moving and uttering the words.

“Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, the illiterate prophet, the last of the prophets. 

None can be prophet after him.”