Journalists About Qadiyaniat

Hameed Nizami

 It seems that Pakistani embassies in foreign countries are stations for preaching of Qadiyaniat and are party offices (of Mirzaiyyat).

Maulana Akhtar Ali Khan

I devote mine and “the Zamindar’s” services for the promotion of Islam and the Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on prophet hood). I will use my potential in reporting the demand to declare the Qadiyanis a minority. Now there is the question of ‘do or die’; whether the Mirzaiyyat survives or we remain alive. The Muslims have made up their minds to root out Qadiyaniat. Now every one is ready, even to risk his life.  If the leaders do not accept our demands, they do not deserve to command.

 If by opposing Mirzaiyyat a man becomes an ‘Ahrari’, I am the first ‘Ahrari’.

If Master Taj ud Din Ansari and Hassan-ud-Din, the administrator, President Majlis e Ahrar e Islam, Pakistan make a speech on Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on prophet hood), they are locked up in dark jails. On the other hand, Sir Zaffarullah Qadiyani, the minister for foreign affairs, is not questioned on delivering a provoking speech against Muslims openly in a procession in Lahore. The Article 144 does not come into action (is not enforced).

A. Sulehri

 I spent my conscious life in the desire that the Muslims must fulfill their responsibilities towards the Qadiyani issue. It could not prosper in a free Muslim society. The Qadiyani mission was to damage the teachings of Islam and to achieve this, they degraded the personality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

The difficulty is that in spite of creating a prophet for themselves and having a different identity from those of Muslims, they refuse to be called non-Muslims. Their preachers and followers mislead people by publishing the extracts from those books of Mirza Qadiyani which were written before his claim of Prophet Hood.

They try to present themselves as oppressed and  down trodden. On the name of tolerance and open mindedness, the modern well educated class is especially being targeted. The Qadiyanis are requested to read the writings of their elders with a broad mind and then judge themselves.  I also request the readers of my writings to go deep into the issue and I hope that soon they will reach the conclusion that the Qadiyani issue is not a stunt of the Molvis (religious Scholars). The Muslims have been demanding that the Qadiyanis be declared separate from the Muslims. Their opposition is not due to prejudice or narrow mindedness, but this is the demand of their love for God and His Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) and their faith.

The truth is that there is a huge difference between the Muslims and the Qadiyanis. Both are separate from each other. If the Qadiyanis do not come in the guise of Islam and if they accept themselves as a separate entity, the Muslim wrath against them may divert. After this, the Muslims may continue their war against their falsehood with pen only. They will not go beyond it. However, these disguised dacoits rob the Muslim Ummah and try to eliminate the difference between the truth and the false hood, the genuine and the imitation. They try to present darkness as light. It provokes the Muslim emotions and in vengeance they seek to treat them like dacoits – the dacoits of religion.

 Nazeer Naji

This group was declared non-Muslim in the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The truth is that I did not like whatever was said against them before this had happened. I thought that Muslim Ulema (religious scholars) were doing injustice by demanding a separate social identity for Qadiyanis and their removal from key posts. I thought that these things are part of basic human rights and they should get those rights. However, I was surprised to see a picture published in ‘Nawai Waqt’. This picture has been taken from ‘The Jerusalem post’ of 22nd November 1985. In this photograph, two persons are sitting obediently. They are Sheikh Sharif Ahmad Aminy and Sheikh Muhammad Hameed Kapar. Sheikh Aminy is introducing the new head of their group to the Israeli president. They are paying thanks to the president for the liberties they have in Israel. This is a very thought provoking photograph.

Only he who knows the Israeli reality can understand what this meeting stands for. The president is welcoming the new one. Israeli state is the greatest Mafia of the world. Its target are the Muslims of the world. Israel is no more a state but a center– the center for Zionism, the center for international capitalism, the center for the conspiracies against the poor nations of Africa and Asia, and the center for international terrorism. These are the realities which are known to even the intellectuals of Europe and America.

A group enjoying good and friendly relations with such a country cannot be a friend of the Muslims. I am not skeptic towards the Mirzais but the Israelis, they are not kind to anyone without any good reason for sure. Now the Muslims are to think that what interest Israel has with this group.  The readers must be aware that Israel considers Pakistan its severest enemy. Israel’s military has deep research over it that how Pakistan can be dangerous for Israel and what Israel should do to prevent this danger. The Jewish institutions of the whole of the world are working to destabilize Pakistan. While these people do something for Qadiyanis, will they not demand anything in return?

The Ulema’s demand of the removal of Mirzais from key posts is based on religious faith. However, as far as the defense of Pakistan is concerned, we need to be aware of these people. We should be very vigilant. Even if they do nothing wrong, we should still be skeptic against them because of their relations with India and Israel. Their mode of organization in Pakistan is very strange and mysterious. Where ever they are, in whichever country, they follow the instructions from their headquarter. My opinions will seem strange to you. If in the beginning of this century (20th century) the Muslims in Palestine had thought on these lines that I have mentioned about the Mirzais, perhaps they would not have been displaced from their own land. They were in majority but not vigilant. The Jews spread their roots gradually in every sphere of life and then destroyed the whole nation in spite of being a minority. If any one would have tried to point out this danger, it would have seemed insignificant as my remarks about Qadiyanis seem to many nowadays. Our broad minded people think such things contrary to fashion. The intellectuals of Palestine must have thought in same manner. The result of their nation is before everyone. The group that is an ally of Israel and a friend should not be taken lightly or considered insignificant. It means that the world’s most organized monetary and military forces are supporting them. These forces are anti-Pakistan. If these forces patron a group, it does not need an extraordinary intelligence to conclude what type of services this group would provide.

Asar Chuhan

Qadiyanis were able to run their prophet hood but could not maintain the circulation of their newspaper Al Fazal. Later on, when they were declared non Muslims and their leader Mirza Tahir fled to London, it became evident that they could not even run their prophet hood

Iqtidar Ahmad (editor Nida e Khilafat)

The Qadiyanis will never succeed in their plan of breaking Pakistan. Their present head like his predecessors will remain unlucky because their dream of united India will not be realized by the grace of God. “

Muhammad Salahudin (editor weekly the Takbeer, Karachi)

I am not an Aalim (religious scholar) nor a Mufti (religious jurist) but being a humble follower of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) I have the ability to tear down any false claim of Prophet Hood. I accept the challenge of any “Mubahela” or ‘Manaazira’ (dialect) to prove the falsehood of Qadiyani religion. One who offers a scholastic challenge is like a preacher or the one who invites; and to whom the challenge is given is like the invited. You (Mirza Tahir Ahmad) decide the place, date and time for Manaazira or Mubahela, arrange for my traveling expenses, if you cannot do so, my religious followers will arrange for it. I will come and show you your real face and you will not be able to sustain your arguments for your factious ‘Zilly’ or ‘Bruzi’ prophet hood with the help of your logic. Then whoever deserves the misfortune, will not escape from God’s wrath because ‘God is very severe in punishment.’

 Zahid Malik (Chief Editor weekly the Hurmat)

The religious scholars of every age have the consensus about Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on Prophet Hood) and that whoever claims Prophet Hood after Muhammad (SAW) will be a Kaafir (infidel) and out of the sphere of Islam. Even rationally I reach the conclusion that there is no longer a need for a new prophet. Therefore, in Pakistan and in all other Islamic countries all such persons should be declared Kaafir (infidels) who after Muhammad (S.A.W) consider anyone else a prophet. Such a group should be considered Kaafir (infidel) on the government level. In Pakistan with the help of God, people not only accepted the Government decision but also cart out such people from their lives and minds.

Masood Shorish (Editor Chataan)

Qadiyaniat is a running sore of Muslim Ummah and as the late Shorish said ‘ An Israel for the Ajam (non-Arabs)’. With the help of unity, oneness, and integrity of the Muslim nation and by the sacrifice of the Muslims, their legal status in Pakistan has become that of non-Muslims. According to Islamic teachings one who accepts Qadiyaniat after Islam is an apostate and is not concerned with Islam. Qadiyaniat is a tool in the hands of the Jews and a running sore of Muslim Ummah. Its every step is contrary to Islam; Satan guides its every plan. Every one is aware of it. However, they have free hand to conspire with the enemy against Pakistan. They are given privileges in journey. They are allowed to continue their destructive activities.

Agha Murtaza Poya (Chief Editor the Muslim Islamabad)

Qadiyani group is a by-product of British imperialism. This dangerous political party works for the interests of their masters and patrons. Qadiyanis should be treated the way Behais are dealt with in Iran. Government should an keep eye on this Behai party also otherwise this movement may prove dangerous like the Qadiyani party.

Abdul Kareem Abed (a renowned Journalist)

 Allama Iqbal had said that ‘Qadiyanis are the traitors of the Muslim world’. Iqbal was not prejudiced or emotional in his opinion. His opinion was based on truth and realities. In fact, Qadiyanis cannot be loyal and sincere to the Muslim world because according to their faith the entire Muslim world is the world of Kaafirs (infidels). How can they be well-wishers of those to whom they consider Kaafirs (infidels)? That is why treachery with the Muslim world, conspiracies against the Muslim countries and rejoicing at the calamities of the Muslim nations form the political history of Qadiyaniat.

After the creation of Pakistan, the Qadiyanis used indirect methods to gain authority and evolved such a foreign policy as was according to the will of their imperialistic masters. They disgraced Pakistan in the Muslim world and spoiled Pakistan’s relations with other Muslim countries. In the country, they broke up Nazim-ud-Din’s ministry and got, Liaqat Ali Khan martyred. They brought Ghulam Muhammad to power. They considered democracy a poison for themselves. That is why they made evil designs against democracy. They blocked the way of democracy and strengthened the dictators. Now by contacting and making conspiracies with the foreign forces, they want to breakup Pakistan and establish a Qadiyani state in the territory of Pakistan.

Atta-Ul-Haq Qasmi

The cause of the conflict between the Ahmadis and the Muslims was not only the fictitious prophet hood of Mirza Qadiyani but also the use of Islamic terminology meant for holy men and places. To veil this hideous design, Mirza Qadiyani declared himself such a prophet who was without any Sharia’t but claimed of enforcing the Sharia’t (Islamic Law) of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). Therefore, he started the debate of ‘Zilly’ and ‘Bruzi’ prophet. But his followers expressed his thoughts in averse:

Muhammad is amongst us once again

And he is even more glorious than before

Akmal, whoever wants to see Muhammad

Should see Ghulam Ahmad in Qadiyan

Likewise, against Jannat-ul-Baqee (a famous cemetery of the times of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which holds great respect in the hearts of the Muslims)  a cemetery was formed with the same name; even another ‘Masjid-e-Aqsa’ was constructed. The successors of Mirza Qadiyani were called ‘Khalifah’, the first and ‘Khalifah’, the second, etc. The wives of Mirza were declared as ‘Ummahaat-ul-Momineen’. The followers of Mirza Qadiyani were called ‘Sahabi’. In this way they showed ‘complete harmony’ with the Muslims. I think that it is a misunderstanding that the Muslims declared the Ahmadis as non-Muslim. The fact is that they already had declared the rest of the Muslims Kaafir (infidels). I am offering two examples as a proof. A disciple asked Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mehmood that whether it was just to offer funeral prayer of a child of the non-Ahmadis? Mirza Bashir-ud-Din said, “I ask you if a child of a Christian or Hindu dies, will you offer his funeral prayer”.

In the same way at the time of the offering of the Quaid-e-Azam’s funeral prayer, Sir Zaffarullah Khan was sitting in a relaxed mood in a corner. A journalist asked him about not participating in the funeral prayer. He replied “Whether you consider me a non-Muslim citizen of a Muslim state or a Muslim citizen of a non-Muslim state (I will not say prayer)”. I want to say that if there is a plan to deviate Muslims from their center, a factious prophet is created parallel to Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), Qadiyan and Rabwah are constructed in opposition to Mecca and Medina, Hakeem Noor-ud-Din is brought against Hazrat Abu Bakar (Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anhu). As a result, those who call themselves servants try to become masters gradually and believers of true religion loose connection with real center, real personality, and real symbols associated with a central personality.

Lala Sehrai – (A renowned journalist)

The Quran has likened truth (Kalama e Haq) with a pure tree that spreads from the earth to sky and its roots go very deep in the earth so that it cannot be uprooted. On the contrary, falsehood, evil (Kalama e Batil) has been likened with a filthy bush that spreads like a poisonous shrub on the surface of the earth. Its roots are not deep. To remove it the righteous people require a light effort. So, not to get suppressed is the nature of Truth, while the Evil is suppressed because it has no real basis. The evil cannot stand against the truth.

Apart from this simile there are certain realities that unveil the evil of Qadiyaniat. In this connection an incident is very important that took place in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s life. Those were the glamorous days of Qadiyaniat. During those days Mirza Ghulam Ahmed sent two of his preachers to the King of Afghanistan in Kabul for preaching his religion. When these preachers reached the court in Kabul and offered the teachings of their religion and asked the king to have faith in Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as a prophet, the King asked: “What was your religion before you had faith in the prophet hood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed?”. The Qadiyani preachers replied at once: “Islam”. The King asked the jurist about the punishment of an apostate. The jurist replied that the punishment for apostasy was murder. He ordered the executioner to kill both of them at once. In this way the two preachers were beheaded there and then.

After it, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed nor his vicegerents and disciples ever dared to send preachers to Afghanistan. They sent their preaching troops in such far off places as Africa and Europe, but not in Afghanistan. Its reason is that the bold Muslim ruler of Afghanistan nipped the evil in the bud. On the contrary, in Africa the anti-Islam forces are facilitating their work so that they may penetrate in the English colonies of Africa and Israel. There they are successful in spreading their evil mission.

This incident reveals that the forerunners of Qadiyaniat cannot bear even a light stress. This artificial plant needs the protection of rulers, otherwise it cannot flourish. The Truth is a force, that will prove itself in spite of the opposition. Even according to the rule, Qadiyaniat is a false and evil group.

Professor Dr. Miskeen Ali Hijazi (Ex-Chairman Mass Communication Punjab University)

 As far as the Qadiyaniat is concerned it brought no benefits for Muslims. On the other hands it caused confusion and anarchy. A group continued preaching Qadiyaniat…. not only the ‘Ulemas’ but also the common Muslims never accepted whatever they were saying. Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on prophet hood) forms the part of Muslims’ faith. No effort to work or efface Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on prophet hood) can be beneficial for Islam or Muslims. So, every ideology that caused disunity and confusion among Muslims always proved harmful.

The energy and resources that Muslims utilized for the rejection and eradication of Qadiyaniat, if were used in another direction could have resulted positively. However, the protection of Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal on prophet hood) was also an important task. Whoever did or is doing work for it will have his reward with Allah.

Muhammad Ashraf – (A renowned journalist)

 Now we should understand it, that Qadiyanis will take advantage of your slightest negligence. Their huge budget is spent on preaching for infidelity, storing arms, conspiring against Pakistan, efforts that anti-Islam forces should overcome the Islamic world and occupy Mecca and Medina. The money for budget goes from your pockets. Whatever income and profits they get from the business transactions with you goes to the fund in Rabwah. Therefore, they should not be allowed to mix up with you in any way.

The Qadiyanis are born enemies of Islam and Muslim Ummah. The enmity with Islam is the base of Qadiyaniat. The movement starts from rebellion against Khatm e Nubuwwat (the seal of prophet hood) and prohibition of Jihad. On political level, they made contacts with Israel, the deadliest enemy of Islam and the Muslim World. Their mission is working in Israel. Qadiyaniat has always been busy doing something against the Muslim world. After Pakistan came into emergence, they prepared an evil design of uniting India again. From Pindi Conspiracy case to the fall of Dhaka they have their hands in every conspiracy. They made failed efforts to make Baluchistan, a Qadiyani state. To fulfill the Qadiyani plans they formed ‘Furqan Force’ in Pakistan Army. They planned to use army to establish ‘Rabwah state’. Their people reached the key posts and like rats, they entered in each state department – schools, colleges, universities, communication – radio, television, newspapers, ministries, assemblies, foreign policy, embassies etc. They made Rabwah a center of conspiracies. Rabwah became headquarter of Israel and India’s embassies.

They used Quran, mosques, teaching, and preaching to get their political aims. They trained thousands of horse men, runners, cyclists, pedestrians and out of the country they collected millions of rupees as a ‘preaching fund’. They used this money for making conspiracies and spreading infidelity.

To express their force and to gauge indignation of the people of Pakistan, they played havoc on Rabwah Railway Station. However, within hours they came to know that the owners of the house are vigilant.

Sometime ago 140 organizations from the Islamic world met under ‘Rabta Alam-e-Islami’ and declared the Qadiyanis Kaafir (infidels) and spies within the Muslim world. They appealed to all the Muslim states to declare them out of the circle of Islam and remove them from all the government and non-government jobs. In this meeting the decision for their complete economic and social boycott was also taken. Keeping in view this decision ‘All Pakistan Majlis for the Protection of ‘Khatm-e-Nubuwwat’ decided that Muslims of Pakistan should implement the decision at once and prove their national and religious indignation and honor by breaking away with the Qadiyanis.

Acting upon this decision is the religious and national responsibility of all the Muslims. Whoever commits negligence in following this decision will be Islam’s and Muslim’s enemy. Such a person is either not sincere with the Muslims and Islam or he favors Qadiyaniat. Such a person cannot be reliable among Muslims.

In what fields the Qadiyanis should be boycotted, briefly it can be said that from life to death there should be no contact between a Qadiyani and a Muslim. And in detail it can be stated that:

  • No shopkeeper should have any product of the Mirzais in his shop, nor should he sell anything to a Mirzai.
  • No Muslim patient should consult any Mirzai doctor or Hakeem for his treatment nor should any Muslim doctor treat any Mirzai patient.
  • No Muslim should travel in a bus, rickshaw, or tanga owned by a Mirzai, nor should he allow any Mirzai passenger to travel in his riding.
  • No Muslim shopkeeper or firm should hire any Mirzai servant, nor should a Muslim do job in a Mirzai firm or shop.
  • No Muslim student should attend a Mirzai teacher’s lectures nor should a Muslim teacher teach any Mirzai student.
  • No Muslim Press should publish any material of the Mirzai. No Muslim newspaper should publish any advertisement of a Mirzai firm.
  • No hawker should sell newspaper to any Mirzai.
  • No Muslim should give his shop or house to any Mirzai on rent nor should he take the same from any Mirzai.
  • No Muslim should take the services of a Mirzai lawyer for litigation nor should a Muslim follow the case of a Mirzai.
  • No Mirzai should be allowed to be buried in the cemetery of Muslims. No Mirzai should be invited in a Muslim’s funeral and marriages.
  • No Muslim should sit among Mirzais nor should they be allowed to sit among Muslims.
  • One should prepare a list of Qadiyanis living in his vicinity (surrounding) and keep an eye on their movements and activities.
  • They should not be allowed to preach. Whenever they are preaching or distributing their literature should be stopped.
  •  Taking it a religious duty every Muslim should follow all these things himself and spread these among his fellows.

“May Allah make us sincere with the Prophet Hood of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), Muslim Ummah, and Islam, Allah’s Last religion? And may Allah like us for spreading and safeguarding Islam.” (Amen)