Peer Mehr Ali Shah Golarvi

        “During the auspicious journey to Hijaz I met Hajji Imdadullah Muhajir Makki, a man with real divine inspiration, in the Holy city of Mecca. On learning about my liberal and bold nature he ordered me to go back to the country with great insistence and stress as an intrigue is going to appear in India in near future.” He said, “even if you remain quiet over there, this intrigue will not be able to flourish and in this way there will be peace in the country.” Therefore, with complete confidence I interpret the Hajji’s divine inspiration with this “Qadiyani intrigue”. The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) himself also ordained me in dream saying,

 “Mirza Qadiyani is mincing my Hadith with scissors of false and wrong explanations, and you are sitting quiet.” 

         After that whatever has been written by the great man, was written for the benevolence of the common people.

        The esteemed Peer Mehr Ali Shah challenged Mirza Qadiyani for open debate and discussion. 25 August 1900; was decided for discussion at Badshahi Masjid, Lahore. However, Mirza had no courage to face the esteemed peer. Peer Sahib was conferred with such awe and grandeur by Allah that Mirza used to tremble even on listening his name. Mirza Qadiyani did not come at the decided date and place for discussion. Rather a Qadiyani delegation was sent who suggested that Mirza would pray for one blind and one crippled to become all right. You will also pray for one blind and one crippled to become all right. With whose prayers the persons recover and become all right, he would be considered true. Thus truth and false will be decided. Hazrat Qibla-e-Alam replied, “Even the dead are to be made alive, do come.” On this answer, the delegation disappeared and were not traceable anywhere.

        When Mirza’s boastings increased a lot, Hazrat Qibla-e-Alam, analyzing his impudence, made two inspirational challenges to Mirza:
First challenge: Both of us put pen on paper. The true pen will perform by itself and write Tafseer (detailed interpretation) of Qur’an.
Second challenge: Come to Badshahi mosque as per promise. We both jump from the minaret. The truthful remains alive and the liar will die.
Instead of replying, Mirza Qadiyani became so quiet and still, as if he had vanished from this world.