Qadiyani Denial Of Jihad

            Every writing of Mirza Qadiyani has contradiction in it, but as far as the negation of Jihad and his obedience to the British rule are concerned he has no two opinions. He was very clear about these. To please the British government he declared Jihad as unlawful (Haraam). Here some pieces from his writings are being given:


To fight for the cause of religion is now forbidden. So whoever wages a war for the cause of ‘Din’ (religion) and murders the infidels is disobedient towards God and His apostle.

(Ishtahar Chand, Minarat ul Messiah

I have compiled dozens of books in Arabic, Persian and Urdu just to prove that Jihad (holy war) is not suitable now. To be loyal to the British Government is the duty of every Muslim. I have spent a large amount on the publication of these books. I have sent these books to ‘Bilade Islam’ (muslim cities) and I know that these books have a great effect in this country also.

(Tableeghe Resalat V: 6 P: 65) 

Every one who becomes my disciple and considers me the Promising Christ must have the faith that Jihad is totally forbidden now, because Christ has made his appearance.

(English Government and Jihad P: 7) 

A Poem by the poet ‘prophet’

 ‘Now do not think about Jihad. Now war and Jihad are forbidden for the cause of ‘Din’.

 After the appearance of Christ all the wars fought in the name of ‘Din’ have come to an end. 

Now God’s light is descending from the heaven. 

So whoever wages for Jihad now will be considered an enemy to God and His prophet.

(Roohani Khazain V: 17 P: 78)

I believe that as the number of my disciples increases, the people having faith in Jihad will start decreasing. Acknowledging me as Messiah (Christ) is in fact a denial of Jihad. 

This sect (Qadiyani sect) is trying its level best to efface the foolish tradition of Jihad from the minds of the Muslims.

(Review of Religions P: 537)