Qadiyanis Blasphemous Of Allah Taala

Having full faith and trust in one and only God is the spirit of monotheism (Tauhid). Alone Allah (God) is the Creator and Owner of all the Worlds. Mirza Qadiyani is blasphemous even against God. Some pieces from his blasphemous writings are given below:

I (Mirza Qadiyani) dreamt that I myself am God and I believed in this that I am (God).

(Roohani Khazain v.5 P.564)

In one of my revelation (kashf) I saw myself as God and I believe in it.

(Kitab Al-Brae P: 85. Roohani Khazain V: 3 P: 103)

The God, that is our God, is an overwhelming fire.

(Siraj Munir P: 55, Roohani Khazain V: 3 P: 103)

The unparalleled God is such a Being that has countless feet and hands and parts of body and this number reaches infinity and just like an octopus, His wires surround the universe.

(Tozeh Mram P: 42 Roohani Khazain V: 3 P: 90)

Can any sane person accept this that in this age God hears but does not speak? Then the question will arise as why does He not speak? Is this due to some disease of His Tongue?

(Zamema Braheen e Ahmadia P: 144, Roohani Khazain V: 21 P: 312)

How a man can escape from God, the God who is the Master of each  and every particle. He (God) says that He will creep in like thieves secretly.

(Tajjaliat e Ilahia P: 4, Roohani Khazain V: 20 P: 396)

Once I had the revelation (Ilham) that God will make His appearance in Qadiyan, keeping His promise.

(Tazkara Majmooa Ilhamat P: 442 second edition)

True God is He Who sent down His messenger in Qadiyan.

(Dafe Balaa P: 11 Roohani Khazain V: 18 P: 231)

Once the Messiah (Christ) stated his condition that (In a state of revelation) he felt himself as if he were a woman and God expressed His desire of virility (God had intercourse with him). For the while a hint is sufficient.

(Islamic Qurbani Tract No:34 by Qazi Yar Muhammad)


These documented pieces of blasphemy are sufficient to help one decide about the nature of Qadiyani ideology. Does it not by itself ask those strangled in this well of filth to get out and join the original Islam, the salvation for mankind.