The Angels Of Mirza Qadiyani

            Beyond any shred of doubt, it is known that only “Jibriel” brought revelation to all the Prophets, from Hazrat Adam (Alehhessalam) to Muhammad (Sallalla–ho–aleh–hi–Wassallam). But the list of angels that brought wahee to this English Prophet of Qadiyan is very lengthy and interesting.

Teechi Teechi:

            “On March 5, 1905 I dreamt of an angel. He told me that his name was Teechi Teechi

(Haqiqat ul Wahee, P: 232)


            “I saw an angel who was in the form of a twenty years old young man. He looked like a British and was sitting in a chair with a table in front. I said to him: “You are very beautiful”. He said: “Yes, my name is Darshani

(Tazkira, P: 31)


            “Three angels appeared. The name of one of them was Khairati

(Taryaq ul Qulub, P: 192)

Mithan Lal:

            “I dreamt of Mithan Lal, who once was an assistant in Batala, sitting on a chair and surrounded by his staff. I gave him a paper to sign it that was meant for a friend of mine. He signed it with hesitation. The Mithan Lal that I dreamt of was in fact, an angel”

(Tazkira, P: 515)

Sher Ali:

“In a revealed state I saw a man who seemed to me an angel, but while in dream I felt that his name was Sher Ali”

(Tazkira, P: 31)


“In a dream, I met an angel who was in the form of a small boy. I asked him what his name was. He replied, “My name is Hafeez

(Tazkira, P: 757)

A Kind Angel:

“In a state of revelation, an angel came to me and said, “People are deserting you”. I took him aside and said, “People are deserting me but will you too desert me?” He said, “We are with you”

(Anwar ul Islam. P: 52)

The Angels having sweet loaves of bread:

Doctor Syed Abdul Sattar Shah states that the Messiah e Maud (Promised Christ) has said, “Near this minaret two angels came before me who had two loaves of bread. They gave that bread to me and said, “One is for you and the other is for your disciples”

(Seerat e Mehdi, Part: 3, P:263 by Mirza Bashir Ahmad)


So many angels and just one lie to hide…… Mirza paid a high price for his words!