The Claims of Mirza Qadiyani

            Mirza Qadiyani’s claims are uncountable. He superceded all the false claimers of prophet hood in infidelity and falsehood. Because of excessive claims, even his followers could not determine him rightly. Some say that Mirza Qadiyani claimed of being a religious leader and guide of the time. Some say that he claimed of being the promised Christ. Some say that he claimed of being just a symbolic prophet ( the shadow of prophet). Some say that Mirza claimed to be a fully functional prophet. A few out of the hundreds of his claims are quoted below:

1.                 CLAIM OF REVELATIONS

In the beginning Mirza Qadiyani in Braheen-Ahmadia claimed of having revelations. His claim is that God converses with him.

(Taryaq-ul-Quloob.P.155.Roohani khzain.V.15.P.283)

2.                 CLAIM OF SAYING ‘ BE AND IT IS DONE’

Mirza writes that God says “whenever you intend a thing, it becomes a reality”

(Haqeet-al-Wahi.P.105. Roohani Khazain.V.22.P.108)


Mirza claimed that he receives revelation and revelation has not come to an end. He says “whoever says that ‘revelation’ has exterminated in religion, I declare such religion false.”

(Braheen Ahmed.V.5.P.139.Roohani Khazain.V.21.P.206)

4.                 CLAIM OF BEING THE HOUSE OF GOD

“In revelations God named me Bait ullah”

(Margin Arbaeen number 4.P.15.Roohani Khazain.V.17.P.445)

5.                 CLAIM OF BEING REVIVALIST

At the end of 13th century and at the beginning of 14th century God informed me through a revelation that I was the revivalist of the century


6.                 THE CLAIM OF BEING HARRIS

There is a tradition in Abu Dawood- a Hadith book- that a person, Harris, will set off from Asia Minor with troops for the help of Imam Mehdi. Every muslim is bound to help him for his success.

In Azala Awham, page 79 and Roohani Khazain, V3.P140 Mirza Qadiyani writes “I am that Harris”. The Hadith clearly reveals that Harris will be for Imam Mehdi’s help. How a person can be Harris and Imam Mehdi both at the same time.


“I, the humble, have just claimed the likeness with Christ, but simple fellows took it for the claim of promised Christ. This is not a new claim that I have made now, but it is the same old revelation from God that I have explained in detail in many places in “Brahen-e-Ahmedia”……. I did not claim at all that I am the Christ, son of Mary. Whoever alleges me of this, is a liar. From the past eight years I am continuously writing and publishing that I am like Christ.”

(Azala Awham.P.190.Roohani Khazain.P.192.V3)


“He is the Christ, son of Mary who was about to come and about whom people suspect. This is the reality and this is the man who was being waited for and suspicion is mare foolishness”

(Kashti-e-Nooh.P.48.Roohani Khazain.P.52.v.19)


Mirza Qadiyani says in a verse “do not talk about the son of Mary. Ghulam Ahmed is better that him.”

(Daf-e-Albala.P.20, Roohani Khazain.V18.P.240)

He further writes “parallel to that Christ who was called God, God sent the promised Christ in this Ummah. He is better than that Christ in his glory. And he called the second Christ as Ghulam Ahmed.

(Daf-e-Albala.P.13 Roohani Khazain.V18.P.233)