The Signs Of Hazrat Mehdi

QUESTION: What are the signs of Hazrat Mehdi? When and where shall he appear?

ANSWER: Hazrat Umme Salma (Razi–Allah–ho–TaalaAnha) narrates a saying of the Holy Prophet (SallallahoAlayhay–Wassallam)

After the death of a caliph people will dispute (over the new caliph). A man resident of Medina will flee to Mecca. (This in fact, will be Mehdi who will flee for fear of being forced to become the caliph). But in spite of his denial people will select him for caliphate. So between ‘Hajre Aswad’ and ‘Maqame Ibrahim’ people will take an oath of allegiance to him. Then an army will be sent from Syria to combat him. But ALLAH will cause them sink in earth in ‘Baida’, a place between Mecca and Medina. Seeing this people will recognize him. So ‘Abdal’ from Syria and groups of people from Iraq will take oath of allegiance to him. Then a man belonging to Qureish tribe and whose maternal family belongs to Banu Kalab tribe will challenge him. His (Mehdi’s) armed forces will overcome them. Unlucky will be the person who will not be present at the time of the distribution of booty (Mal -e- Ghaneemat). So Hazrat Mehdi will distribute wealth among people. Every action of his will be in keeping with the ‘Sunnah’ of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alayhay Wassallam). Islam will be the order of the day. After seven years he will die and the Muslims will offer his funeral prayer.

(Mishqat Shareef: P: 471)

            Whatever Muhammad (Sallallaho Alayhay Wassallam) has said about Hazrat Mehdi (Alaihe–Rizwan) and about which there is also a consensus among true-Faith Muslim scholars, is briefly described here: 

He will be from Hazrat Fatima’s lineage and Syed from father as well as from mother’s side. His name will be Muhammad and his father’s name will be Abdullah. As there is a natural resemblance between a father and his son, in the same way Hazrat Mehdi will resemble (in appearance and manners) the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alayhay Wassallam)). He will not be a Prophet, nor any revelation will be sent to him.

            He will have bloody wars with the infidels. Dajjal (anti Christ) will appear during his lifetime. He will be surrounded by the army of Dajjal. Exactly at the time of Fajar prayer (early morning) Christ will descend from heaven to kill Dajjal. Christ will follow Hazrat Mehdi in prayer. Dajjal will flee and Christ will chase him and kill him at ‘Babe Lud’. The armed forces of Dajjal will also be killed and Judaism  and Christianity will be eradicated completely (as all Jews will be killed and all Christians would have already embraced Islam at the hands of Christ by then).