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  • Wat are the characteristics of Prophethood? Contrast Mirza Qadiani’s life and the characteristics of Prophethood and prove that there is not even a glimpse of Prophethood in Mirza Qadiani’s life?

Wat are the characteristics of Prophethood? Contrast Mirza Qadiani’s life and the characteristics of Prophethood and prove that there is not even a glimpse of Prophethood in Mirza Qadiani’s life?

Question No.4:                    What are the characteristics of Prophet Hood? Contrast Mirza Qadiyanies life and the characteristics of Prophet Hood and prove that there is not even a glimpse of Prophet Hood in Mirza Qadiyanies life?

Answer:                     Prophet has a number of characteristics and features. In the following is the comparison of Mirza’s life and these features:

1-                             A Prophet should be perfect in mind and even best of the minds so that he might not misunderstand the ‘Revelation’. He should be the best mind of his particular time. No one can go beyond his reason. While Mirza Qadiyani could not make a difference between the right and the left shoe.

(Seeratul Mehdi, v.1, p.67, Tradition No.83)

2-                             The second feature of a Prophet is that he should have sharp memory. His memory should be matchless. While Mirza Qadiyani himself says that he is ‘suffering from melancholia’ (Malfozat, v.8, p.445)

He writes to one of his followers:

“My memory is very poor. I meet a person many times even then I forget. I am so much poor in memory and remembering things that I cannot explain.”

(Maktobat, v.5 No., p.31)

3-                             The third feature of Prophethood is that he should be perfect in knowledge. His knowledge should be incomparable. While Mirza Qadiyanies knowledge can be measured from this that he said that ‘Safer’ was the fourth month of Islam.

(Taryaqul Qaloob, p.42; Khazain, v.15, p.218)

4-                             The fourth feature of Prophet is that he should be a man of Chastity. While Mirza Qadiani’s followers say that he used to commit adultery often.”

(Khutba Mirza Mehmood. Akhbar Al-fazel August 31, 1938)

“Mirza Qadiyani used to make ‘Gher Mehrum’ (women who were not his relatives) women press his feet”

(Seeratul Mehdi, v.3, p.210; Tradition 780)

5-                             The fifth feature of a Prophet is that he is just and trustworthy, while Mirza Qadiyani was a lire and untrustworthy to the core. He promised to write fifty books and received the money of fifty books but wrote only five books and said, “By writing five books I fulfilled the promise of writing fifty books because there is difference of just Zero between fifty and five.” (Braheen Ahmedia, part five, p.5; Roohani Khazain, v.21, p.9)


Speaking the truth is the necessary feature of a Prophet. Even the people who did not believe in the Holy Prophet SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam could not help saying that he SallAllah-o-Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam was just and trustworthy and that he spoke the truth. God says,


               But Mirza Qadiani is a greater lier than Abual Hasan Kazzab. In the following are some examples:

1-                             It was necessary that the foretellings of the Quran and ‘Ahadith’ be fulfilled. The foretellings told that after his appearance the promised Christ would suffer because of the Muslim scholars and that he would be declared on infidel and that ‘Fatwah’ (legal verdicts) would be issued for his murder and that he would be disgraced and that he would be thought of as Islam’s enemy”(Arbaen No.3, p.20, 21)

               Where are these foretelling? Quran and the ‘Ahadith’ are silent about such foretelling.

2-                             The Holy Quran and even the Torah tell that at the time of the appearance of the promised Christ, there will be plague. Christ also told about it in ‘Injeel’ and the foretelling of prophet would not fail”         (Kshti Nooh, P.a)

The copy of Sahey Bukhari that is prevalent  in the sub continent comprises 1129 pages, and there are no such ‘Ahadith’ in this copy of Bukhari”.

3-           “Sahey Bukhari is the book where it is written clearly that                       Christ has died”   (Kashti Nooh, p.87)

              Which chapter or Hadith of Sahey Bukhari tells this?

4-           Injeel (Bible) and the Holy Quran tell about me and my era that at that time (at the appearance of the promised Christ, Mirza) there will be lunar eclipse on the sky and plague on the earth.”        (Dafalbala, p.43)

               No one can show that there is such a foretelling either in Bible or in Quran.

5-           The sixth characteristic of a Prophet is that he should not have any heir. A Hadith Matwater says:

 (Bukhari, v.1, p.526)

               This Hadith occurs eleven times in Sahey Bukhari and many scholars have quoted this Hadith. On the other hand Mirza Qadiani was engaged in many law suits concerning property. Moreover, he had issues or heirs to his property.

6-                             One of the features of Prophethood is ascerticism i.e. indifference to worldly pleasures. The purpose of Prophethood is to lead people to Godliness. The man who is indulged in this world cannot do so. On the other hand, Mirza Qadiani intended to take away the wealth even of the prostitutes.

Searatal Mehdi, p.261, v.1)

               And he gave his logic to usurp such wealth

(Aina Kamalate Islam, p.607; Khazain, v.5, p.1)

               In the same way Mirza Qadiani started ‘trade’ in dead bodies under the title “Bahishty Maqbarah’ (Paradisical tomb).

               The motto of Mirza’s life was, ‘Eat, drink and be marry’, He ate much. He used meat extraordinarily. Sweet rice was his favourite (Seeratul Mehdi, part one, pp.182, 183) Mirza Qadiani “used to send his followers to fetch wine” (Khatoot Imam Banam Ghulam p.5)

7-                             Another feature of Prophethood is that the Prophet should belong to proper and superior lineage. Mirza Qadiani was Mughal. His family was well-wisher of the British Government. Mirza himself writes:

“I belong to the family that is well wisher of the (British) Government. My father, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, was loyal in the eyes of the British. He was respected in the Governor’s court. Mr. Graphen has mentioned him in ‘Raeesane Punjab’. In 1857 he helped the British beyond his capacity. At the time of the revolt (Independence war) he helped the British with fifty people and horses.”

(Kitabal Birea, p.4; Roohani Khazain, v.13, p.4)

8-                             Prophet is a man while Mirza Qadiani claimed that he was Mary and that he was conceived.

(Kashtie Nooh, p.47, Roohani Khazain, v.19, p.50)

9-                             A Prophet is affable and amiable while Mirza Qadiani used to call names.

I:            “The man who is not assured of my success, it means that he is a bastared.”(Anware Islam, p.30; Khazain, v.9, p.31)

II:           “Our enemies are like swine and their women are worse than bitches”

(For detail can be seen Maulana Noor Muhammad Khan’s ‘Mughalazate Mirza’)