Why Do The Qadiyanies Call Themselves Muslims?

Why do the qadiyanies call themselves Muslims?

An educated friend of mine said to me, “Mr. Tahir! After reading your books, I discussed qadiyaniat with a qadiyani lawyer practicing in Lahore High Court. He told me that they follow the Quran and Sunnah so in this way they are Muslims. This allegation of infidelity on us is product of the extremist ullamas. qadiyani lawyer said to me that:

1.     We believe in the Oneness of Allah.

2.     We believe that there is one Quran.

3.     We have faith in the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) as the last Prophet of Allah Pak

4.     We take the sayings of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) as Hadiths.

5.     We recite the Kalama-e-Tayyaba.

6.     We take the Holy Kaaba as our Qiblah (direction to turn in prayer)

7.     We say prayers.

8.     We call our Places of worship the mosques.

9.     We observe fast in the month of Ramazan.

10. We perform Hajj.

11. We Pay Zakat (poor-rate).

12. We offer the Jumma Prayer.

13. We celebrate Eidul Fitar and Eidul Azha.

14. We bury dead bodies (corpse) in the cemeteries of the Muslims.

15. We have beards on our faces.

16. We use rosary for the Glorification of Allah Pak’s name.

17. We use caps and turbans.

18. We perform all the five prayers in a day.

“So, how can we be infidels. All our faith and deeds are of Muslims”, my simpleton friend was impressed from this jargon. He said to me, “Mr. Tahir! Whatever theqadyani lawyer has said is true”. (Allah Pak forgives).

I looked into his eyes and said, “In the reign of Sultan Noor-ud-Din Zangi (RA) the Jews and Christians conspired and sent their two spies to Madina in the Shrine of Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), so that through a mine they could take the Holy Body of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) (Allah Pak forgives). For this horrible assignment both the accursed persons reached Madina in the guise of Muslims. They mixed up among Muslims and entered the Masjid-e-Nabavi. They had a stay near the Shrine of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam). When they were confident that the Muslims had confidence on them, they get busy in their evil design. During the time they remained busy in different types of prayers and worship and at night they worked at the mine. They threw the dirt outside and in the morning every thing was all right because they spread sheet on the affected parts.

When the mine was deep enough, the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) appeared in the dream of Sultan Noor-ud-Din Zangi and said to him, “The two evildoers are teasing me. Catch them”. The Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) even showed the faces of those two wicked persons to the Sultan. The Sultan wept bitterly and said “O Lord! As long as I am alive, no once can inflict any harm to you. How is it possible”? At that time the Sultan was hundreds of miles away from Madina. He took an armed force with him and instantly set in for Madina. Reaching Madina he descends from his force took off his shoes and walked bare-footed in Madina.

When he reaches near the Shrine of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), he even crawled on his knees, wept bitterly. At last he succeeded in catching both the Satan. He slaughtered them near the Holy Shrine and burnt their bodies. Then the Sultan got a deep trench dug around the Shrine of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam), the trench was filled with stone and led that made the trench a strong enclosure.

After stating the whole account, I asked the friend that the two cursed persons who entered Madina and lived near the Shrine of the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) to whom they claimed to be their Allah Pak”. “To Allah Pak”, he replied. I felt anxiety in his eyes. Then there was a dialogue between us.

Q:      To which book they had faith in?

A:      Quran.

Q:      Whose Prophet hood they proclaimed?

A:      Of  Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam).

Q:      Which Kalama Tayyaba they recited?

A:      The same as of the Muslims.

Q:      Did they say Prayers?

A:      Yes.

Q:      Where did they offer their Prayers?

A:      In Masjid-e-Nabavi.

Q:      Did they offer Jumma Prayer?

A:      Yes

Q:      Did they distributed alms there?

A:      Yes.

Q:      Had they beards on their faces?

A:      Yes.

Q:      Had they caps and turbans on their heads?

A:      Yes.

Q:      To which book they recited?

A:      The Holy Quran.

Q:      How much obligatory Prayers they offered daily?

A:      Five.

Q:      Did they believe in other rituals of Islam?

A:      Yes.

“Allah Pak forbid”, he said, “It means qadiyanies have disguised as Muslims but in fact they are infidels”. Those who take the cursed mirza qadiyani as their Prophet, believe in mirza’s non sense as revelation, call mirza’s sayings ‘Ahadiths-e-Rasool’ and call mirza’s wife ‘Ummul Momenean’ (the mother of Muslims), can they be called Muslims? “No, not at all”, he himself said.

I further told him that before the emergence of Pakistan, there was a very virtuous Imam of Mosque (Masjid) in a city of Punjab. He belonged to Arab. Those days the British imperialistic powers ruled India. He spent his life in the same mosque. He led Prayers, bound people in wedlock, led funeral Prayers, taught the Holy Quran to thousands of people, guided people in religious matters etc. People loved and honored him. They thought it a blessing to work for him.

In a Jumma sermon he said “Now as I am an old man and I am feeling weakness in my body. I wish to go back to my native land, Arabia. People started making hue and cry. They were weeping bitterly. They tried to persuade him to abandon his idea of going back. They said “For Allah Pak’s sake! Do not go back, we will die”. But he had to go.

At last the day of his departure came. Every man was feeling dejected. Elders were saying, “We have been deprived of our spiritual father”. While the children were saying, “Now who will teach us Quran”?

All were weeping even the Imam could not conceal his emotional feelings. He addressed the people in these words. “O Muslims! To see your condition, I am also on the verge of weeping. Muslims! Repeat your all Prayers because I am a Christian. I was sent here as a spy by the British government. I am not Arabian but the English”. People were bewildered to listen all these things. They were stunned. And the Imam with his friends left the place.

I said to my friend that to catch fish one has to use bait, otherwise the fish couldn’t be befooled. And as to catch crane the hunter has to fix an artificial white crane in the filed. The other cranes come to see their fellow crane sitting in the field. The real crane is caught with the help of a pseudo crane.

Then I asked my friend, “If the two cursed Jews had not disguised as Muslims, would they have entered ‘Masjid-e-Nabavi’? Had that English spy not come in the guise of Muslim scholar, would he have become ‘Imam’? Would a crane be caught without the pseudo crane?

He said, “No, not at all”. I said to him, “Every non-Muslim associates himself with his religion. And he is proud of it. A Sikh calls himself a Sikh. A Christian calls himself a Christian. A Parsi calls himself a Parsi. A Jew calls himself a Jew.

But the international anti-Islam forces have sent the qadiyanies in Muslim ranks so that they may be mix up with the Muslims; adopt the Muslim’s way of life and culture. In this way they will be considered Muslims. And being so they can easily perform their duty of spying. So they can have their aims realized i.e. sabotaging Islam and making more and more people apostates. Their goal is to divide Muslims on the basis of color, creed, language and land. They want to have monopoly over the key-posts of this Islamic State and send secets o our country to abroad. Setup NGOs to make poor infidels. As per their educational policy, setup schools to make young Muslims apostates. To elect MPAs, MNAs and senators on Muslim seats and then make a fatal conspiracy to take control of a Muslim country.

Napoleon Bonaparte said ” One spy is stronger than enemies of fifty thousand army.”